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All by Myself: Canberra’s MAXO keeps on climbing to stay alive on Can’t Hold Me Back

After being featured on Sky Sports, BBC Radio, Triple J and many more established worldwide platforms, MAXO returns to the music world after courageously dealing with and speaking up about his battle with anxiety & depression and drops a hugely unforgettable banger to help mend despondent hearts on Can’t Hold Me Back.

MAXO is a Canberra, Australia-based indie pop artist who has shown us all what a proper lifetime commitment to one’s craft looks like.

Sending shivers down our backbones and clicking us back into shape again like a professional chiropractor, MAXO rips through the reaper’s glances and survives like the brave warrior that he is. Dropping a reminder of his greatness, we find a sing-with-me modern-day classic determined to help others rise above everything.

Can’t Hold Me Back from Canberra, Australia-based indie pop artist MAXO is a move-forward-from-yesterday anthem which cements his status as one of the best in the game. Known best for his massive single Dreamers, this is a return like no other and shows us immaculate progression in a forget-quick world.

Ascending up those moody mountains is a test which will teach many lessons.

Turn this one up on full blast to burn away the past on Spotify.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Aim High: HYG urges us to float into the sky on their elevated new track Memory of Flight

Advising us to let the feeling shine through no matter what challenges, HYG shall take you into a whole new world where no one will ever find you on Memory of Flight.

HYG is a Canberra, Australia-based indie experimental psych rock band who returns after their previous release in 2022 called Into the New World.

I wrote the lyrics after getting stuck in lockdown and reminiscing about times I’d travelled, and it kind of went from there.
It was a really calm moment; it was a pretty empty flight and for a moment there I was all on my own, with a few other people, 30,000 feet above the ground and hundreds of kilometres from the next-closest people. Everything felt good, which was nice.” ~ HYG

Recorded with the help of Canberra-based producer Louis Montgomery (SAFIA, Peking Duk, Slow Turismo), HYG has made a real gem to hold on to tightly here. Packed with quality from one of the more exciting acts around, there is a disco-psych vibe to be enthused by in droves on this soul-healing track.

Memory of Flight from Canberra, Australia-based indie experimental psych rock band HYG is such a soothing song that will probably put you into a better frame of mind. With ear-catching vocals and a wonderful ambience that might have you tapping your feet and stretching your toes, this is a cloud-floating single to close your eyes with.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Had A Dream: Andy Mison wants to feel the vibration on ‘Sell It To Me Slowly’

Taken off his debut eleven-track collection of 2020-made songs called ‘Fergus Circuits‘, Andy Mison shows us what the game is all about on ‘Sell It To Me Slowly‘.

Andy Mison is a likable and well-respected Canberra, Australia, indie singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and music producer. He is a confident man who loves to makes those happy funky retro-electro tunes, to help take our minds off the seriousness of this quickly crumbling world.

With a succulent mixture of 80s new wave, 90s indie rock, EDM sounds and pure pop beats to stack your plate full of tasty treats to nibble on heartily, Andy Mison kindly cooks us up this is a meal music box for the ages, that will have you stuffed like a chicken wing as you sing along full as a cucumber.

The unique vibe has you feeling so alive and has you thinking deeply, of this consumer-based world that has you buying everything in sight if you are not careful. His outlook is on point and the flourishing sounds has your pulse racing and your head nodding, all the way through.

Sell It To Me Slowly‘ from Australian retro-electronic maestro/producer/multi-skilled master Andy Mison, shows us his incredible thirty years experience with a thoughtfully funny but truthful single. He kindly tells us that we need to slow down before making big purchases. Life is too short to regret those big moves after all.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen