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Trip out with the unearthly beguile in Deadbeat Superheroes’ latest release, By the Side of the Road (redux), ft HORNETS!

After becoming unequivocally obsessed with the seminal single, By the Side of the Road, by Deadbeat Superheroes, we were stoked to be given another opportunity to trip out with the redux remix of the single, featuring HORNETS!

Julie Sun Lee’s PJ Harvey-esque deliciously distorted vocals are the piece de resistance within the Lynchian soundscape which shimmers with trepidation, scintillation, and a potent dose of unearthly beguile. It’s trip-hop striking enough to make your heart skip a beat as your rhythmic pulses move in line with the glitchy syncopated beats that stab through the texturally sublime oscillation.

If you’re looking for more ethereal escapism from the Canadian five-piece outfit, you won’t have long to wait; their Edmonton (Redux) EP is lingering in the pipelines awaiting its release on November 1. We’ve been promised that each track stands on its own; given the success of the original EP, we’re thoroughly inclined to believe the icons of Avant Garde electronica.

By the Side of the Road (redux), ft HORNETS! dropped on October 23rd; stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast