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Can I Get A Minute

Jfons proved pace is the trick in his soul-driven old-school hip-hop single, Can I Get a Minute

If you’re looking for your next 80s hip-hop nostalgia fix, don’t look past the slick with jazzy retro soul latest single, Can I Get a Minute, by the rap trailblazer, Jfons, who knows exactly how to push euphoria through his grooves to create perennial urban earworms.

The progressive structure of the lush with reverb hit ensures that with every beat, you will become deeper entwined with the smooth melodies and arrested by the sultry narrative that humbly captures the pure and innocent moment of attempting to catch someone’s eye. Even the staunchest romantic cynics won’t be able to proclaim that romance is dead after easing themselves into the grooves in Can I Get a Minute.

Can I Get a Minute has already racked up over 40k streams across all streaming platforms, and it doesn’t look as though the momentum driven by the hype around the track is going to falter any time soon. Get Can I Get a Minute in your ears by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast