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What Did I Say: Singapore singer-songwriter Camille Miller wants someone to hold her tight on ‘Nobody’s Listening’

As she emerges from the cold shadows to stand her ground and let the world know that she is ready, Camille Miller knows that she needs to sing louder to get her message across on ‘Nobody’s Listening‘.

Camille Miller is a Crofton, Canada-born red-haired indie pop/rock/blues singer-songwriter with soulful roots, who is now based in thriving Singapore. She is a well-established act who has been performing since the 90’s, and displays such class on each one of her incredibly beautiful creations.

This is the message of turning up your voice – otherwise you shall be destined to be ignored forever – as you open the door and vow to be heard now. Sung with a really excited elegance and a tone you are only born with, she brightens up any day with a wholehearted performance here that has you smiling from ear to ear, as the underdog emerges to claim her name as she totally deserves.

Nobody’s Listening‘ from the experienced Singapore-based indie blues/pop/rock artist Camille Miller, is that track about moving up to take a stand for what you believe in. After sheltering away for too long and letting others grab the headlines, you believe that now is the time for you to grab the awaiting opportunity. Combined with the support of your loyal loved ones, this is all about showing your intentions so your true fans may follow the lead.

If you want something enough – you need to go and get it for yourself – or die wondering what might have been.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more on the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen