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Learn Your Ocean Spell: Arden Snow wants to calm the raging waters on Calypso

Compared to Bowie and lacing our veins with something so natural and soul-healing, Arden Snow shows us the experience needed to lead the world into more acceptable waters on Calypso.

Arden Snow is a Colorado Springs-based indie alternative rock artist, music producer and much-respected multi-instrumentalist who performs with a rare passion.

After perfecting his craft for the last 3-4 years, Arden felt he was ready to start releasing his own music professionally, starting with his debut album, Succubus, which was released on Halloween of 2022.” ~ Arden Snow

Showing us the whispers of the world-class ability which has many enthusiastic for the future, Arden Snow blends in something rather special to witness. He seems to catch all attention rather quickly, just like a real pro who knows where to go.

Calypso from Colorado Springs-based indie alternative rocker Arden Snow is a superb effort from a promising artist who seems to have that extra creative quality needed to find a home in 2023. Each note has been made to perfection and the variety in the melody shall surely warm all cold souls like a welcome heater on a frosty day.

Hear more on Spotify. Check out the vibes on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen