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Calton Kelly releases ‘Chaos’

As the plaintive piano lines build into more dramatic crescendos and brooding strings drive the song into a higher gear you realise that even commercial pop music can be a thing of simple beauty. Whilst others might throw the studio kitchen sink at a song, work out intricate dance routines, design hooks and melodies via workshops and board meetings,  Calton Kelly reminds us that it’s all about the song. It is about passion and integrity too but thankfully this lad has all of that covered. And then some.

Gentle and spacious neo-classical cascades meet electronic beats in a melding of present and past, tradition and technology and as strings sweep past, brooding cellos swoop and distant violins soar, the simple, understated majesty of the music is set free. It’s great to find a young modern artist who is able to embrace the past as well as head into the future.