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Heart Is Feeling Warm: Trinity Bliss dreams of those happy days again on the soul-healing California Sun

Sung with such smile-filled charm and enduring innocence, Trinity Bliss reminds herself to fall in love with those exciting days that seemingly never end on her gorgeous new single California Sun.

Trinity Bliss is a 13-year-old West Coast, USA-based indie pop singer-songwriter and actress who is best known for her roles in HBO Max’s The Garcias, and Apple TV+’s Best Foot Forward.

The morning sun on my face feels like childhood. No anxiety, just freedom and innocence! Every day I get older, yet the sun feels the same. I wrote this song about trying to get back to that perfect state of childhood but as your older self…” ~ Trinity Bliss guiding us into the vision of her latest gem

An exceptional talent who seems to have that modest nature that is so often lacking in a selfish time, Trinity Bliss is such a joy to witness. Her vocals shine above and reveal a ray of sunshine throughout this lovely anthem, that shall find us all searching for that ideal time in our lives.

This song went through so many changes, like it was constantly growing with me. I didn’t come back to it for nearly a year – I thought I’d outgrown it. But then I realised I needed it. When I got back to working on it, it quickly became my anthem for childhood!” ~ Trinity Bliss explaining how to the process of this track returned to life

California Sun from West Coast, USA-based indie pop artist and actress Trinity Bliss is such a splendid soundtrack to those merry days that will never be forgotten. Inspiring us all to recall our youth through this cinematic-like story, without letting this oft-cold world freeze our spirit no matter what. Trinity excels in all facets here and shows us we can indeed bury the past and retrain our minds into only seeing the positive vibrations.

Looking to the sky to heal all worries is the best way to stay young after all.

Hear this positive song on Spotify and find out more about this rising star on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen