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LuisG delivered a raw indie-rock shot of redemption with ‘Second Chances’

If you paired the pensive sting of The Verve with the euphonic consolation of Nada Surf’s most heart-wrenching hits and added the rugged heart-in-throat signature of Chris Cornell, you’d come incredibly close to what LuisG created for the title single of his debut LP, Second Chances.

The track finds a tender way of advocating for redemption. Though many of us operate as though we have only known wrong when it comes from the vindictiveness of others, Second Chances prises your mind open to the reality that we’re all leagues away from perfection. Through this vulnerable, confessionally powerful release, LuisG put his heart on the line; you can’t help but follow suit as you sink into the absolution of the melodies.

LuisG, with roots in indie rock, pop, emo, and folk, is increasingly renowned for filtering his powerful melodic style and evocative storytelling through a Southern Cali lens. Based in Las Cruces, NM, he has carved out a niche for himself in both online spaces and local circles. His journey, marked by reflective and personal songwriting, has seen a progression from his first single, Waves, in January 2022 to his debut EP, Somewhere to Call Home, later that year.

Second Chances is now available to stream on all major platforms, including Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast