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June Miller slides in the door with tight flows on ‘Cake?!!??’

June Miller (Houston,Texas) shows the world his tight flow on ‘Cake?!!??‘.

With a bouncy beat, we are soon into the story here from this skilled lyricist who stomps hard on this one. With an attitude of minding his own business and just stay focused to make records, you can see that he is on a mission. Making quality music is the mantra and staying away from lame rap beef and other distractions.

The flow is tight here and this is a rapper on a mission. He doesn’t have feelings and is only down if you want to do this properly. He wants to be one of the best in the game and isn’t impressed by the average. Cake is about taking your cake and eating it. Just keeping it real and not trying to do too much that doesn’t feel right. Keeping things natural is the way to go for this extremely talented rapper.

Cake?!!??’ is a Hip Hop song that is laced with quality flows that make you impressed easily by June Miller.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Gillyman shares the tantalizing tale of being locked in his brain on ”Cake”

New artist Gillyman teases his tremendous talent on the mind-bending new track called ”Cake”.

Taken off the self-titled album, ”Cake” is such a mellow journey of self-discovery that warps the brain due to the dazzlingly electric beats and vivid vocals.

Gillyman roams free on this new track without any restrictions. There aren’t a lot of vocals on ”Cake” but that doesn’t matter. I’m fascinated as to why this song is called ”Cake” too. Hopefully when I see Gillyman perform live I’ll ask him.

This is 2 minutes 27 seconds of blissful music that enters your brain and never lets go. I love the intricate groovy beat that makes my head swivel and groove in delight.

The indie-pop song ”Cake” from Gillyman is one of the most chilled tracks you will hear so turn it up, tune out from social media and enjoy this mellow tune for any day of the week.

Stream this new track right here on the Spotify music link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen