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Birmingham’s Cage Park navigate life through those comforting cartoons on ‘Hand Me Downs’

Blessing us with the lead track from their brand new EP which dropped on the 8th of April, Cage Park knows that they need to move into adulthood but aren’t quite ready just yet on their epic new single, ‘Hand Me Downs‘.

Formally known to the world as FLARES, Cage Park is a fantastically raw Birmingham, UK post-punk 4-piece band who met while at school and their friendship has only gotten stronger since.

With a new name due to a pesky copyright dispute, Cage Park¬†roar like hungry Lions and show us that they are here to stay. ‘Hand Me Downs‘ is a simply excellent single that will have you dusting off your guitar, to get into the mood as you are inspired by these young artists who seem to have that extra edge that is so easy to hear. They pulsate to perfect effect here, as you close your eyes and imagine them on the biggest stages of them all.

Hand Me Downs‘ from Birmingham, UK post-punk 4-piece band Cage Park is one of the best underground tracks you might hear today. They have such a gritty style that is properly likeable – with two vocalists who combine superbly together – as we hear a gripping style delightfully mixing into our awaiting ears. They might not be ready for some things in life (which are dull anyway) but are certainly ready for the big time.

UK’s next huge band could be right here amongst us already if they want it enough.

Listen up to a band you won’t be able to forget on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen