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C Major 7: ‘Believe’ from singer Liel Bar-Z and Jeremy Gardner is a gem out the darkness

Taken off new EP ‘Surrender‘, this is the latest song from exciting LA duo C Major 7.

Working on a ridiculous amount of songs with a well-known producer based in Los Angeles, California, named Jeremy Gardner, is the stunningly sweet singer Liel Bar-Z . Their joint project is called C Major 7.

The rustling vinyl, the smooth vocals of this fine singer, these two make a quality team with a combined mindset right now. The plan is make beautiful music and this goal has been achieved greatly. Liel Bar-Z and Jeremy Gardner make a strong team with their soulful song, this is everything that we need during this sick time of mass carnage. Luckily, music like this heals.

C Major 7 strike an absolute gem here and ‘Believe‘ is that sad song that also contains true life stories. You are a bit naive to the world, you have some bumps and bruises- only to grow much stronger. This is a lovely ballad, full of love and knowing that you will learn from these crazy times.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen