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Kept Waiting For The Sunrise: Thelen Creative drop incredible animated video ‘Shade On Me’ (feat. C. Joleene)

With the intriguing beat matching the gasping gaze that has your whole consciousness in utter fascination, Thelen Creative gives us a top new single that has you thinking deeply called ‘Shade On Me(feat. C. Joleene).

Led observantly by Geo Thelen, Thelen Creative is an award-winning Northern California-based indie audio/visual collective, who focus on music and history, whilst making world class work that has you peering in deeper to their extraordinary creations.

The crisp quality of the visuals has your mind in a wrap, as you untangle the thoughts you have felt before if you have ever experienced someone who had that clench over your movements, until you broke free and vowed for it to never happen again.

The lo-fi gem ‘Shade On Me’ (feat. C. Joleene) from Northern California’s Thelen Creative, pulls over the sheet away from the burning sun, as the journey to climb up from the pain is so palpable from the pain in her voice. The visuals match the song perfectly and shows us into the deep story — that requires so much strength — to climb up again and to defeat the demon that is pulling you down below.

Sometimes in life we need to have that inner strength locked in tight, otherwise the easy option would be to just give up and let them overpower you forever.

Stream this new animated piece on YouTube and check out the IG for more visual vibes.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen