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Rome-based Byron Blue Rose refuses to fall for this game again on, ‘Nelly II’

Releasing his 3rd single that takes us to a distressed place in his life that needs to be expressed, Byron Blue Rose wonders why his former lover sticks around and keeps on trying to control him in this sick game on, ‘Nelly II‘.

Byron Blue Rose is a Rome, Italy-based indie blues solo singer-songwriter who performs with many earnest sentiments and reflects the depressed world in its purest form.

Just another depressed artist? Kinda, but good as hell.” ~ Byron Blue Rose

With a raw feel that takes you to the edge of this mountain that is about to crumble and carry him down to the sharp rocks below, Byron Blue Rose has heard the wicked words and wants no part of what he is currently witnessing right now. His heart is cold and he wants this all to be a distant memory, so that he may start fresh and find a kind new lover with pure intentions.

Nelly II‘ from Rome, Italy-based indie blues solo singer-songwriter Byron Blue Rose is the kind of breakup anthem that takes you back to a place where stress reigned when the picture should have been just been packed with love and romance. He sings to us with real emotions and you feel the frustration, at being used and taken for granted by someone who he trusted once.

Sometimes the world can be so harsh, even if you deserve the opposite.

Check out this new single on Spotify and see more vibes on his IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen