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Lookin’ All Curvy: Jay N.D. sees her workin’ it on ‘Naughty Problemz’

Taken off his brand new 7-track album from November 2021 called ‘Lonewolf‘, Jay N.D. shows flirty appreciation on his latest steamy single that will have you edging closer to your new lover on ‘Naughty Problemz‘.

Jay N.D. is a Virginia, USA-based indie RnB solo singer-songwriter, US military veteran, and businessman who makes that speaker-shaking music that is filled with sexy lyrics.

Back for the first time, his harmonically-layered messaging of longing relationships, romantic distance, and post-traumatic self-control is delivered over sensual melodic themes to undoubtedly eargasm those who salivate for lyrically intellectual urban compositions.” ~ Jay N.D

With a real aptitude for constructing the kind of music that will have you slow dancing all evening, Jay N.D is on top form yet again with a vocal masterpiece to really embrace with a cheeky smile on your dial. He sings with such intense emotion and is honest all the way, as he leads us into this romantic evening that has you closing the curtains.

Naughty Problemz‘ from Virginia, USA-based indie RnB solo singer-songwriter and businessman Jay N.D is a hot new track that is all about spending a sensual night with someone who you really like but aren’t keen to be with long term. There is a catchy beat here that keeps you locked in the whole way, as you turn the lights down low and pour another drink. This is one of those 3 am tracks to play really loud when you feel like being close with your chosen lover.

Hear this new audio on YouTube Music and see more of his moves on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Met You: Ben Medlock doesn’t want their picture to fade away on ‘Living Thing’

With the wind gushing at his strong sails as he sings with so much honesty and desire, Ben Medlock is rather tremendous on his excellent new single ‘Living Thing‘.

Ben Medlock is the Co-founder and CTO of SwiftKey who is also a thriving indie-folk/pop singer-songwriter with a dashing vocal ability that will have you beaming all over your glowing smile.

After graduating with a PhD from the University of Cambridge, Ben Medlock has dedicated his life to machine learning and also thinking outside the box. You feel this scintillating quality via his new single ‘Living Thing‘, which shows a side to him that so many were unaware of. There is an easy-going nature to his voice that causes you to completely daydream and think about that special soul in your life, or that person who you wish you could be with right now.

Ben has had a varied career as a teacher, researcher, entrepreneur, investor and advisor. He has always loved music and started writing and recording as a teenager. His songs are about life’s many experiences and unanswered questions.” ~ Ben Medlock

Living Thing‘ from the wonderfully talented businessman and soulful indie singer-songwriter Ben Medlock, is a terrific single all about staying free and wanting to live with that spontaneous edge, rather than being bogged down with the stale norm. He sings with such outstanding fervour and filled with cleverly-pencilled lyrics, that has you feeling that this is just the start of his burgeoning career.

After achieving so much in business and academics, perhaps this is the time when Ben takes his creative skill-set to a whole new world. Winning at whatever challenge comes his way, is ultimately what this highly impressive man does.

Hear this terrific new single here and feel the winds of calm ravish your whole soul.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen