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Gotta Keep Them Guessing: Minnesota-based brothers CSavooo and TimmyT want it all and more on ‘Secret Weapon’

Released as the first track off their four-track ‘Soul Central‘ EP from 2021, CSavooo and TimmyT smell that tasty money in the breezing air and are only keeping things focused as that is their ‘Secret Weapon‘.

CSavooo and TimmyT (Tim Graves), are a Saint Paul, Minnesota-based indie rap brother duo. They fuse their love for music together as a tremendous team, that seems to morph together perfectly as one.

They have always had chemistry in the studio, and recently they released a joint EP titled ‘Soul Central’. They will continue to grow their separate careers, but never abandon each other, as TimmyT is the reason CSavooo got into music.” ~ CSavooo and TimmyT

With a smoothly textured delivery which certainly has your whole body feeling rather joyous and fresh, this is a feet-tapping performance which is is such a pleasurable listen and has a riveting road-trip feel.

This is the story of keeping things calm as mistakes are made when the emotions reach fever pitch, as they both have a real sense of purpose about where true success is elusively hidden.

Secret Weapon‘ from the Minnesota-based indie rap duo CSavooo and TimmyT, shows us a team that make a real statement in this often-selfish world. They ice down the road and show us that their fluid flows are rather versatile, as they cruise in with a sterling display of calmness personified. It feels like these two brothers know where the ideal road is, and are ready to keep on headed to the promised lands away from the horrid pollution of the world.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more via CSavooo and TimmyT’s IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Through The Haze: Boston’s Eric Dwight asks for forgiveness as he finds the light again on ‘Baby These Are Dark Days’

Born Into Addiction by Eric Dwight

Taken off his highly personally and self-healing thirteen-track debut album that helped him get over the ultimate heartbreak, Eric Dwight bravely tells us the deeply sad story about how his beloved brother tragically died of an overdose and how this pain filtered into his other relationships as he was in so much pain inside on ‘Baby These Are Dark Days‘.

Eric Dwight is a Boston, Massachusetts-based indie-rock singer-songwriter. He has turned the page on the past as he knew it couldn’t continue, as he shares his story to help others who feel stuck inside and need that much-needed inspirational guidance.

Everyone has a sad story to tell. Is mine different? Not these days because everyone is dying from opioids and substance abuse. My brother fell victim in 2014 but I didn’t write a note about it until last year. It was the final piece of the healing timeline for me, For what it’s worth to a casual listener I can say that music helped me finally move on… That’s worth something.” – Eric Dwight

With a catchy tone that is sung so passionately from a man on a mission to redemption, this is a rather remarkable effort that is a song you can’t help but admire. The mellow rock ambiance is a perfect antidote to a time that he wish he had back, as the signs were there but he ignored his gut. He knows who is important in his life now and performs with such a knowing attitude, as he moves on from those moments which could of taken him down too.

Baby These Are Dark Days‘ from the Boston-based indie singer-songwriter Eric Dwight, is one of the more emotional and most important songs you will hear all year. He sends his friends and loved ones an apology here, as he hasn’t been there for them but is back now. This moving song and terrifically created album has helped to open up his eyes again and live life healthily, apologizing is the only thing he can do as losing his brother really had him down for too long.

This is a highly courageous effort from a really honest man, who has turned his pain into a wonderful creative outlet to move on from the hurt. He has finally let go and hopes that they will forgive him for not being present, whilst he dealt with this tragic event that he refuses to define him. Music truly does heal all scars over time.

Stream this stunning single that will have you tearing up in disbelief on Bandcamp and see his journey via Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The story of running away: Closer Than Strangers show their brilliance on the indie-folk gem ‘When I Say Go’

Brother and sister acoustic rock duo Closer Than Strangers return with the soulfully deep indie-folk single ‘When I Say Go’. Taken off their last album called ‘Broken Things’, this is beautifully described story of trying to help someone close when they are in need of a kind face.

With Charlotte performing her wonderful skills on cello and Greg displaying his quality vocals matched with an exciting guitar style, these tow form a formidable team that make such sweet music together.

Their music plans of 2020 were dashed of course due to this horrid pandemic but the family duo have huge goals to record a new album, and tour as much as possible in 2021.

The acoustic melody starts right away as the beautiful sounds emerge from the bed of the story. That feeling when you aren’t sure if you are dreaming or awake is so vivid as you snap back to reality from The Matrix. She is right next to you, broken and cold from running in the night. You want to help but humans will only really listen if they really want to.

His voice is so honest and is such a splendid storyteller. This is the tale of how a small town can break you down and make you feel lost. You want to follow and when they are happy in a new town, you will join them and perhaps you can be together.

Their partnership is unbreakable as Closer Than Strangers bring us an absolute gem on ‘When I Say Go’. Sometimes you need to get out of where you are to fully grow and blossom into what you want to be in life. Having a kind soul there too does help but so does finding your own path, and learning who you really are inside.

Hear this lovely song on Spotify and follow the family duo on their FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen