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Ceaser Live Soul – Never Enough: A Hip-Hop Symphony of Tenacity and Soul

Pivot by Ceaser Live Soul

Ceaser Live Soul, hailing from Brooklyn, NY, didn’t stop at loading his latest single, Never Enough, with a series of mic drops. With the hit from his eagerly anticipated Pivot EP, he detonated lyrical dynamite while affirming that just because the next goalpost always seems greener, that doesn’t mean you will be any happier when you reach it.

The urban cautionary tale, versed through superlative lyrical dexterity, is a pathway through the labyrinth of contemporary hip-hop with 70s soul acting as a guide and unflinching intersections of 90s hip-hop bringing the momentum. Each syllable in Ceaser’s flow is felt as it dances over the soulful beat, bringing his poignant wordplay to life.

The refrain, “You can have it all but it’s never enough”, is more than a catchy hook; it’s the heartbeat of the song. It encapsulates Ceaser’s relentless pursuit of greatness, his unwavering tenacity, and the paradox of success – the constant yearning for more, even when you’ve seemingly reached the pinnacle. This theme resonates deeply, especially for those familiar with the relentless hustle of urban life.

Adding to the track’s allure is the soulfully strident backing vocals by Caribbean Pop sensation Hovlaine. Her voice adds a layer of depth and emotion, elevating the song to new heights. The collaboration is seamless, a testament to Ceaser’s skill as a producer and artist.

Stream and purchase the radio edit of Never Enough via Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

MANTRABLU tripped out trap in his latest juggernaut of a track, NIPTUCK

Brooklyn-based singer, rapper, and producer MANTRABLU has dropped his juggernaut of an experimental trap hit, NIPTUCK; with the razor-sharp wit and equally as cutting trip-hop atmosphere, few urban originators have as much edge as the artist who takes his influence from everything from math rock to neo-soul to jazz-funk.

After a wavy chiptune prelude, MANTRABLU’s rolling-with-the-punches rap bars adrenalize the texturally complex soundscape that stands as a testament to his trailblazing authenticity. Get behind him or get out of the way, because if any contemporary artist has what it takes to make a fresh mark on the Brooklyn hip-hop landscape it is him – especially now he’s breaking away from his production-focused discography and going back to his origins as a songwriter.

Stream NIPTUCK which hit the airwaves in May 2023 on Spotify and Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Brooklyn rapper Quilley enmeshed scorn with soul in his conceptually dualistic 2-track EP, Half-Hearted


Lifting us from the monotony of ego-driven hip-hop, the Brooklyn-based-rapper, Quilley, raised the expressive bar with the resonant dualism within his two-track EP, Half-Hearted. If you have ever wanted to know what lies on the flip side of the love songs penned in the honeymoon phase that proliferate the airwaves, this conceptual release will fill in the gaps.

I couldn’t help but be remained of the philosophy from Alain De Botton listening to Half-Hearted run through. How all the great romantic stories of the ages never allow love to endure. There’s always the grip of tragedy to obliterate the notion of mundanity or the eventual slip away from the affection that inspired hot-headed limerence in the early days.

Track 1, “That’s My Baby” kicks off with a smooth RnB Pop tinged flow behind the steady kicks and the sultry bars, before the romanticism entirely evades track 2, “Valloween”, which runs through as a trippy new wave spoken-word hit of volition.

Quilley knew just how to allow his audience to catch a vibe while laying it all down on the line in his Half-Hearted EP. The smooth grooves, razor-sharp bars, and intensity of sincerity in the lyrics stand as a triadic testament to the luminary artist’s talent that shines through his expressively humble ethos. He may not be shooting for fame, but he deserves it regardless. Get his candour in your ears. You won’t regret it.

“More than anything, my EP is about that Cloud Nine feeling of being in love and eventually being done with it. How many times can we have that feeling without becoming accustomed to it? “That’s My Baby” and “Valloween” really display that contrast.”

Half-Hearted will be available to stream on Spotify from March 10th.

Follow Quilley on Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Alex Caban embraced the future of Afrobeat Hip-Hop with ‘Anything’, featuring Jessica Peros

Brooklyn-based Hip-hop and Afrobeat fusionist Alex Caban is in fiery fresh form in his latest visionary EP, Love Letters. In the standout single, Anything, dark, moody, and future-ready electronica motifs collide with more evocatively inclined instrumentals to balance soul and scorn; the lyrical interplay between Caban and the featuring artist Jessica Peros amplifies the evocatively torrid gravity of the release to the nth degree. If there is any track that alludes to the danger of limerence, it is this consistently evolving narrative of insecurity, jealousy and passion.

With Jessica Peros’ Lady Gaga-Esque sultry vocal lines against Caban’s rapid-fire canter that will leave heads in a rhythmic spin, Anything is an impassioned triumph that makes no bones about alluding to how deep emotions run. Instead of scratching the surface, the lyricality of Caban’s emotionally-rounded triumph digs affectionately deep.

With meta lines such as “You’re not an astronaut, so why are you needing space”, the stellar production and the sonic distinction, you can consider Alex Caban a triple-threat.

Stream the Love Letters EP via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Spotlight Feature: Brooklyn beats meet southern trap grit in Superstar Freddy & Low Patcho’s alchemically dynamic collaborative single, Move

Alone, Brooklyn’s Superstar Freddy and Southern Trap artist, Low Patcho, are forces to be reckoned with. With their contrasting sounds sparking urban sonic voodoo while they pay homage to their Haitian roots in their joint LP, The Curse, they are inexplicably hot.

The standout single, The Move, carries all the motivation of an archetypal hustler hip hop anthem and none of the cliches that usually revolve around motivational tropes. The high-octane hit permits the instrumentals to conjure urban devilry about the blazingly dynamic bars that will leave you galvanized before the first verse has stormed through.

Fans of Travis Scott, Pop Smoke, and Pierre Borne won’t want to miss the colossal track that came to life in Anchour Studios in Maine.

“The Curse album is a collaboration of Superstar Freddy’s upbeat hip hop style with Low Patcho’s Southern trap music. The mixtape was inspired by our Haitian heritage. Voodoo and magic are always associated with people from Haiti.

I wrote the song Move after a trip back from my hometown, Brooklyn, NY. The song illustrates my desire for continual success and elevation. It shows you can’t fall off, no matter what. You’ve got to love what you do and flaunt it when necessary but never sell out. I love the cash sound when my phone dings and I know it’s coming in all day. If you ain’t moving toward your idea, then someone else will manifest it so get going today.”

Stream The Curse on Spotify, and follow Superstar Freddy on Instagram, TikTok and Facebook to stay up to date on his future releases that are set to mark a shift in his sonic style from this ground-breaking LP.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Wade Wilson brings the adrenaline to jazz hip hop with Be There.

The up and coming old-school-inclined hip hop artist and mental health activist, Wade Wilson, has dropped his highly anticipated debut album, Chop House, featuring the standout single, Be There. The Brooklyn-based artist’s hyper hip hop style practically brings a brand-new meaning to the term high vibe hip hop.

Right from the intro, you’re thrown into an electrifying jazzy hip hop ensemble that creates a viscerally adrenalizing platform for his high fire rap bars. While the intense BPM won’t be for everyone, anyone looking to be galvanised won’t want to miss out on this monolithic hit.

Wade Wilson’s debut album, Chop House, is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Brooklyn’s brightest lyrical hip hop luminary Sydmac has released his latest single, Hums


‘Hums’ is the latest hypnotically smooth soul-laden jazzy hip hop track from the Haiti-born, Brooklyn-raised up and coming artist Sydmac. His lyrical and narrative rap style perfectly complements his blissfully serenading reverb-laden beats.

Through each of his tracks, Sydmac aims to provoke his listeners into living in the present and living to the fullest; discernibly, he succeeds in his latest release. Hums is cathartic enough to take the mental weight from you and fill you with positivity while you’re open to shifts of perception. The airwaves are infinitely more soulful for this new addition. We can’t wait to hear what comes next from one of the smoothest new names in New York hip hop.

Check out Sydmac on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Tune into KiDD RicH’s new hip hop track, ‘T.V.’

With his motto of, “Being at the bottom for so long teaches you there’s only one place left to go”, fans of inspirational hip hop won’t want to look past KiDD RicH’s 2021 sophomore album for invaluable introspection.

The standout track on the Brooklyn-born and raised artist’s album, ‘T.V.’ is a mash of urban culture with everything from RnB to Reggae to Pop to Trap written into the contemporary mix. After an atmospheric and melodic intro, the track kicks into full gear to run through as a grooving sun-kissed mix which will freshen your summer hip hop playlists.

With his organic, minimally-produced vocals, the ease of the grind, and the sticky-sweet lyricism, you’d struggle to find high-vibe hip hop that will take you higher.

The Statement, Vol 2 is now available to stream in full via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Savage the Poet leaves us on ‘CLOUD 9’ with his high-vibe lyrical rap track.

Savage the Poet

Brooklyn, NY born and raised rapper Savage the Poet showed just how he came about his moniker with his second EP, ‘Keep Your Head in the Clouds’. The cutting witty bars and meditative spoken-word offerings of wisdom have plenty to offer hip hop fans looking for hope, confidence and a path to perseverance.

His enlivening cadence, fresh take on the 90s-era East Coast sound and playful sense of humility is best appreciated in the lead track ‘CLOUD 9’. With lyrics such as ‘how quickly you find your truth is how quickly you find your power’, CLOUD 9 leaves a lot to contemplate while the beats give you the energy to shake off the weight of adversity.

Savage the Poet’s EP officially released on April 16th; you can check it out for yourselves on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Eli Da Vincii – Melancholic chilled Hip Hop with ‘I’m Gone’

Born in Brooklyn, NYC, the arguable birthplace of Hip Hop, Da Vincii grew up on the flow of Biggie, Tupac, Lauren Hill, and Mary J Blige, and that, along with the obvious Eminem and Dre comparisons too, comes through in his music.

‘I’m gone’, from Da Vincii’s new EP ‘Melancholy, is an outstanding piece of chilled hip hop that’s…well…melancholy in its lyrical content. Da Vincii has some excellent vocal flow, his delivery perfectly suiting the track. The beats he’s overlaying work perfectly too, suiting the downbeat nature of the lyrics. It could work beautifully as the incidentals in a movie, think 8-Mile obviously, or Detroit; it’s got that sort of autobiographical story-telling narrative. It’s an absolute stormer of a track.

You can hear ‘I’m Gone’, and the rest of ‘Melancholy’, on Spotify. Check out Eli Da Vincii on Instagram.

Review by Alex Holmes