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The 80s legends, The Immaculate Crows, exude pure soul in their psych-tinged indie single, Another Day Gone By

Surrender to the pure soul in The Immaculate Crows’ latest impeccably impassioned single, Another Day Gone By, which features Jessica Shipley on lead vocals and Daphne Mae as the backing harmonist.

The melodically caressing single was written by The Immaculate Crows founder, songwriter, guitarist and producer Bruce Neilsen, when he was priming for an eagerly anticipated comeback after their phenomenal success in the early 80s.

Sharing similar lyrical propensities as Lou Reed’s Perfect Day, the mellifluous indie single gives you a ravenous appetite for life by reminding you how sweet it can be when you embrace the most beautiful facets of existence, such as the incandescently sweet piano score against the psych-tinged guitars in Another Day Gone By. Remaining lucid while this perfectly poised score is in motion is easier said than done. You can’t help drifting away with the compassionate soul.

Another Day Gone By is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast