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Slip into the sanctum of 80s rock with Deadbeat Superheroes’ elegantly assured single, By the Side of the Road

‘By the Side of the Road’ is just one of the blissfully melodic singles from Toronto’s premier powerhouse, Deadbeat Superheroes’ latest 4-track EP, Edmonton, produced and engineered by Marek David (QOTSA, Dr Dre, Sheryl Crow).

Inspired by the ambience of Brian Eno’s delay-filtered guitars, the nuancedly 80s track allows you to slip back into the orchestrally heightened assured ease, which knows just what direction to take you in for you to arrive at a destination of mellowed catharsis.

After performing as a violinist in the outfit for the past seven years, the EP is the first release to utilise the soulfully warm vocal beguile of Julie Sun Lee, who carries all the harmonised mesmerism of Stevie Nicks, with none of the assimilation.

After hearing the almost tear-jerking elegance and artistry between the orchestral swells in By the Side of the Road, it is easy to regain lost faith in humanity. If you want proof that humans are still capable of curating awe-inspiring beauty, hit play.

Listen to the full EP on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Technicolor Fades: Matt Jaffe flips the hourglass on creative visuals for the fascinating ‘Time Traveler’

After his well-planned out tour to the UK was tragically postponed due to the horrific covid-19 pandemic which has changed our lives forever, Matt Jaffe expertly finds his way through the volcano-filled vortex of current disastrous times like Dr Who would as he tries to fight off those long distance blues on ‘Time Traveler‘.

Matt Jaffe is a soulfully smooth San Francisco, California-based indie alt-rock singer-songwriter. He makes a sterling blend of music creations that is deep in thought and high in quality, as he shows us his class on this terrific single.

I wanted to record this song like it was produced by Brian Eno. The grand sonic vistas of Joshua Tree, the atmospheric panoramas of Remain In Light. It’s a love song in the tradition of Ben Gibbard’s Transatlanticism, lamenting long distance with a spacious landscape that invites you to lie down on its featherbed of Swiss Clock drums and Dalí Clock guitars.” ~ Matt Jaffe

Taken off his recent seven-track album called ‘Undertoad‘, this is a well-constructed track from a wildly creative artist who brings us a nostalgic gem. With so much music around that is made with a copy cat grin and a whisker of skill, this is a refreshingly mind-mover of an experience which leaves you totally transfixed at this compelling single.

Time Traveler‘ from the San Francisco-based world class indie rock singer-songwriter Matt Jaffe, shows us into a world that can divide many unexpectedly. The unfortunate long distance keeps your souls from interconnecting and the yearn to be with that special human can’t be replaced by any kind of technology. Sung with a composed tone and featuring complexly created lyrics which shows us his growing greatness, this is a wonderfully projected track which will have you listening twice.

See his inspiring new video on YouTube, hear more on Spotify and follow his journey to the UK on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Tahj McQueen brings the catharsis in his spacey lo-fi hip hop single, Healing.

Healing is the third single released by the breaking artist Tahj McQueen, which extends his legacy of lacing the airwaves with meaningful introspection that explores the darkest parts of our 21st-century psyches.

The trippy lo-fi beats are as spacey as Brian Eno’s cathartic tracks; paired with McQueen’s soft delivery of the hard-hitting lyrics, you’ll want to prime your vibe out playlists for this soulfully provoking track that runs you through a timeline of trauma. The timeline may be personal, but the problems unravelled resonate as universal. It is singles such as healing that remind you that trauma doesn’t separate us. It unifies us.

Healing was released on August 27th; you can check it out for yourselves via apple music.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Take an Avant-Garde Psych Rock Trip with Chase Hagerman’s single, ‘Scarlet, Crimson, Purple and Blue’

‘The Rainbow Opus’ is the ground-breaking debut album from the up and coming, classically trained psych-rock artist and producer Chase Hagerman. Through each single, the Californian artist brings kaleidoscopic colour, yet, ‘Scarlet Crimson, Purple, and Blue’ is irrefutably the best introduction to Hagerman’s eccentric post-punk-tinged style.

Starting with a cutting and angular intro that wouldn’t be out of place on a Legendary Pink Dots single, the entrancing feat of psych-rock smoothly shifts into a sonic smorgasbord of avant-garde psych-pop, post-punk, 70s electronica. By mixing light accordant tones with harsh fuzzy synth notes, immersing yourself in Scarlet, Crimson, Purple, and Blue is as close as you will get to falling into a rabbit hole aurally.

The Rainbow Opus is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast