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Breath After Coma

Breath After Coma Releases Alternative Punk Track ‘I, The Animal’

Punk meets Alternative, Breath After Coma has a real tough persona, bringing an edgy style to rock, “I, The Animal” mediates between control and despair. The vocals disclose the frustration towards the catalyst of their repression, with the tumultuous electric guitar accompanying the recurring theme of pain, sending the dynamic of the track into an invigorating frenzy. Breath After Coma sets the scene from the get go by revealing, “A love affair between the primal and the supreme”, and what comes after is a striking touch to a forbidden relationship, and that is exactly what completes the perplexity in the track.

“I, The Animal” is a complex understanding, where Breath After Coma uses comparisons to the consequences of their actions that has become so erroneous. A parallel contrast to “raising hell” is symbolic to a self-affliction of guilt, yet what makes this idea so relatable is how the blame is shifted to their “supreme”. There is a sincere compassion through their performance, whilst the staggering beat supports the vicious guitar strum, there is a benevolent quality hidden between the lines. Breath After Coma proves they have the capacity to feel pain, whilst continuing to care, “You breed all needs like there’s still belief/I did my deeds and I raised hell/I fed your lights locked up my pride/Left all drained in this boy”.  “I, The Animal” invites us to witness a darker side to torment, a liberating relief from a complicated circumstance.

-Aly Mchugh