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Don’t Get Trapped: Iisaac bravely breaks the chains away on 2nd single ‘Set Me Free’

After impressing us all with his recent dynamic debut single ‘Tired Of You‘, Iisaac tells us the story about fighting to be truly loved and free in his own mind so he can love without fear of control again with ‘Set Me Free‘.

Isaac Hernandez aka Iisaac, is an indie RnB/Soul artist who sings about things which truly matter in his life. He performs with a sterling blend of courageous lyrics, mixed with a tremendous vocal elegance.

Previously a creator of Indie and Alternative music, he has returned to creating music after taking a break from it. Realizing that making music was his passion, iisaac refuses to let anything or anyone stand in his way.” ~ Iisaac

With a crisply layered lofi-energy and peacefully intertwined vocals which has all his pain wrapped inside so we can enter into his mind, of those days when he though that true freedom was just a fairyland imagination from a movie. The world was harsh before but he broke out after smartly finding the missing keys, to enter into a world that he really cares about.

Set Me Free‘ from the youthful RnB solo artist Iisaac, is an emotional single that has you looking around to wonder how many others feel like he does. With too many manipulative humans around that try and lock you away in their own corner, he has decided to rather fly away from the bad energy forever. Being happy when you look in the mirror, is the only way to really enjoy life after all.

Hear this brand new Spotify track and see his movements via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

That true love inside: MDMelo (Feat. Francis and Miss B) send us a sweet romantic message on ‘Break Free’

MDMelo is back with his smooth style (Feat. Francis and Miss B) and they show that true love can exist on the track 6 of the new EP ‘In The Moment‘ and this one is called ‘Break Free‘.

Porto, Portugal-based music producer MDMelo of MAudioLabs Studio is on mission to unite the local music scene and to make quality music that truly lifts our souls during these tying times.

On this new release, he has brought in the vast talents of singer-songwriters Francis and Miss B as their wonderful voices are aided by the excellent guitarist Miguel Dinis– to form a truly worldwide single for the ages.

The R&B/Soul smoothness is added with a loving nature and a story about how you can be in love and happy when its just you two together.

In a world that is far too full of fancy gadgets and many distractions that at times can take you away from the simple pleasures of life. To be with someone you care about and for it to be special, you need to put in that quality time that involves a real connection away from phones and flashy lights.

Their voices interconnect so beautifully as his strong nature is beautifully blended with her classy vocals and the tight production with the mellow guitar style- is perfect for these dark days.

Music heals after all and ‘Break Free‘ from Portugal’s MDMelo¬†including the all-star cast of Francis and Miss B with Miguel Dinis, is like a hot water bottle on your freezing body on a cold day. You feel the warmth just right and if you turn it up just a little bit, the extra heat is enough to calm your shivering heart to put you in the state of contentment. Love and hope conquers all.

See this wonderful video on YouTube and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen