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Bray Druz Aye Bray

Bray Druz shows us that hard work takes you places on Aye Bray Where You Been At

Shaking our core apart like a hot knife sliding through hard butter, Bray Druz shows us he is ready for the next step on the hustler anthem you needed to hear called Aye Bray Where You Been At.

Bray Druz aka The Nawf is a Gwinnett County, Georgia-born indie hip hop artist who was recently incarcerated for 10 years and has changed his life around.

I’m proud to be able to tell my story and the stories of those who can’t.” ~ Bray Druz

Chasing a music success that many have chosen to leave alone like it was a poisoned chalice, Bray Druz drops a fiery song from a street-smart character who knows where the treasure is hidden. Bouncing through hoops like an NBA max contract, this is a single to wake you up from any sleepy distractions.

Where You Been At from Gwinnett County, Georgia-born indie hip hop artist Bray Druz is a potent track that might cause hot blushes. Filled with a brazen attitude that lets you know he is for real, this is a door breaking song to get you moving into a better mentality.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen