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Debut track ‘Boy’ from the sultry but classy Stephània is a story about that intuition

Debut track ‘Boy‘ from the sultry but classy Stephània is a story about that intuition you have inside, you just know what is right and wrong.

Stephània is an Irish-Cypriot, Neo-Soul-RnB singer-songwriter from the island of Cyprus. She is currently based in Boston and is here with her exciting new song, full of fabulous melodies from his high-flying singer.

You can’t stay away but you know that you should. They are clearly messing you around so you need to keep your distance, you know this inside. The problem is that you can’t get enough. You love being with them but you know long-term that this won’t work. For now, when the lights are off, there is no looking back.

Stephània hits all the right notes here with vocals that make you catch your breath. You just have to take another listen with ‘Boy‘ and this is a fine song, full of sexy potential. This is a debut of the highest level.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


A&R Factory Present: ELKI

Elki is a brand spanking new artist from Sydney, Australia, with a love for songwriters such as Kate Bush, Burt Bacharach, and Stevie Wonder. After managing to avoid social media all her life, she finally decided to bite the bullet and jump head first into it all, in order to get her first track out and into the world. 


Elki collaborated with renowned Australian producer Joel Quartermain (Meg Mag, Little Birdy, Eskimo Joe) to create her debut track, ‘Sirens’. She was a fan of Joel’s production work, and after sending him some demos, Elki was stoked when he was keen to work with her.


The tune ‘Sirens’ is inspired by the neo-noir film ‘Body Heat’ from the 80s. The pared back intimate verses were written to contrast with the explosive and powerful declaration in the choruses – of power and guilt. The mellotron strings and Jupiter synth work in tandem to swell to an orchestral climax and a stomping chorus.