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Wanted A Peek: N.A.V.E urges us not to fall down the rabbit hole on ‘This Is Hell’

After the downright mind-blowing events that needlessly caused ten innocent fans to lose their lives, over 300 others to be injured, and for so many millions around the world to be confused as to what really occurred, N.A.V.E discovered that the whole room went cold with frigid energy on the ominous new single ‘This Is Hell‘.

N.A.V.E aka Nathan Evans is a Bournemouth/Brighton, UK-based dark alt-electronic artist, singer-songwriter, and music producer.

This is the type of creative artist who loves to blend in rock, trip-hop, and electronica with a moody feel to proceedings, that eerily has you shuddering in suspense for what is coming next.

NAVE’s ‘This Is Hell’ was written and fueled by Nathan’s observation of the recent tragedy at Travis Scott’s Astroworld and the aftermath driven by social media to guide and coerce its users down numerous rabbit holes.” ~ N.A.V.E

This Is Hell‘ from the Bournemouth/Brighton, UK-based dark alt-electronic artist N.A.V.E, leads us into a mournful event that has caused shockwaves around the world for the needless events that transpired. We are hurled into a really gritty track that is filled with an illumination-packed feel that has you looking around rather nervously, as the ambience is rather spooky at times. This is a single to place on loud to get the full effect – as this excellent artist takes us into a mournful tragedy that has generated a lot of reflection – on how future music events are constructed to make sure that this never happens again.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Leave Me Alone: Bournemouth rockers Solcura rip up the script on ‘Are You In Here With Me?’

With a raging introduction that might scare those who weren’t ready for an ignitable sound of thunder, Solcura are at their speaker-shaking best on the latest single ‘Are You In Here With Me?‘.

Solcura is a high-tempo alt-rock 5-piece band who is from Bournemouth, UK. They are a fearsome outfit that breaks down the fragile door and shatter windows with a gleeful smile on their faces.

A new, relentless alt rock band from the south of England, bring a genre-melding mix that strays all the way from alternative and melodic hard rock to breakneck punk, from ethereal acoustic to skull pounding grunge.” ~ Solcura

Slicing skillfully through all self-doubts that we all face in this bizarre life we just try and survive in, Solcura turns up the volume and don’t ever let go as they display an effortless style that keeps you locked inside their world.

Are You In Here With Me?‘ from the Bournemouth-based heavy-voltage alt-rock act Solcura, is a riff-laden track that has so much mystery interlaced inside. We are thrown into a whirlwind of emotions with a vocalist who has our mind alive, that is loaded with a rampaging assortment of swarming guitar melodies that undoubtedly delivers for fans of this proud genre.

Hear this fierce new single on Spotify and see more on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen