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Ride Along: Blxck Dred sparks up that 420 and takes us for a smokey journey on ‘Cadillac Kid’

Taken off the recently-dropped ten-track rap album called ‘Black Wolf: Blue Moon‘, Blxck Dred swerves in quickly with a fine new single all about taking that blunt-filled ride with the love of his life on ‘Cadillac Kid‘.

Blxck Dred is a vibin’ indie hip-hop artist from Atlanta, Georgia. He makes that street-hop style of music and keeps it fresh with enjoyable music you can chill with and has a party element to it always.

An Immortal half god, half weakling who unleashes powerful lyrics and metaphors as if whispering into the wind.” – Blxck Dred

He raps easily with such a mellow style which is supremely likable and is meshed so nicely with her sweet voice on the catchy chorus. The calming beat has you tapping your happy feet and getting into the next gear to follow your dreams with someone who truly gets you.

Cadillac Kid‘ from Atlanta rapper Blxck Dred, opens the door to a relaxed state of mind that has you winding down the window and taking in the sights while sparking up. This is that kind of song you play when you are with your lover – and you are both loving each others company – whilst smiling that you are both on the open road together.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen