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Netherlands-based musician Halle Day drops a dynamic debut track to shock you awake on, ‘Black Magic’

Urging change and showing us that from now on she is going to be exactly herself hair-wise, Halle Day directs us into her vision that is clear and the complete opposite of the corny commercial scene that is frustrating her beyond belief with, ‘Black Magic‘.

Halle Day is a Netherlands-based self-taught indie alternative solo musician who is on a focused mission to bring awareness to unnecessary social criticism and create a chain of perceptive songs.

Loaded with fearsome fire and packed with her authentic style that has only just begun, Halle Day makes her mark with a new single that warms those small-minded sheep that she is woke and shall not stand for anything less than total respect. Her vocals open up the door and slide through quickly into our lives, with a vibrant song that will surely inspire many.

Connecting to her inner rebel. Stepping out of today’s mainstream, music-wise and message wise.” ~ Halle Day

Black Magic‘ from Netherlands-based indie alternative artist Halle Day sends us a shockwave into the water and shows us that she is here to be taken seriously. Dazzling brightly with her passionate energy and natural energies that are wholeheartedly determined to show the ladies that you can actually be yourself, this is a message that has been heard loud and clear. With fresh releases on the way and a whole new movement ready to be sparked into the bellies of millions, this is an artist who sounds ready to change perceptions in her own original way.

Listen up to this new track on Spotify and see more on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Full Of Cards: Scottish singer Michael Lumby tells the story of ‘Black Magic’ (2021 Mix)

After 2020’s debut album ‘Wolves On The Mountain‘, Michael Lumby reflects vividly on the cards-filled story of ‘Black Magic(2021 Mix).

Michael Lumby is a Perth, Scotland-based indie rock artist, dog lover, keen fisherman, writer and music producer. He makes that nostalgic feel vibration that has you in a daydream from those classic days of yesteryear.

Taking influences from late 60’s to late 70’s rock and more recently Indie Rock, his music tells stories of fictional and nonfictional tales.’ ~ Michael Lumby

With an experienced tone that has you gravitating towards turning up the volume so you can enrapture yourself into the whole story, his unique blend of music has you pondering this mysterious art form that suddenly spices up your next card game. With a classic rock sound, he adds so much to the track with a sterling display on his trusty guitar.

Black Magic(2021 Mix) from the Perth, Scotland indie rock artist and music producer Michael Lumby, is a striking single which talks about a topic that certainly sparks the interest of many. He sings with a passionate style and skillfully brings us a thoughtful story which has you reflecting deeply, on a track with might cause shivers to emerge all over your body.

Hear this exciting single on Spotify and check out more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen