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When Push Comes To Shove: Nickita shares inspirational message to raise awareness on birth physiology with ‘Breathe Again’

Knowing your rights when it comes to childbirth is so vital and Nickita takes a big step to helping others realize this with her new enlightening single called ‘Breathe Again‘.

Nickita is a tremendous UK-based singer-songwriter and vocal coach, who was featured on the esteemed Sky News recently about this important cause to educate the nation, on this terrifying new trend that is causing such long-lasting damage to families all over.

She sings with such grace and meaning, each word is such a spark to the heart so that ladies all over the UK can know that they are in control. You feel her tender love for this subject and her vocals are so beautifully crisp. You can’t help but support what she is gloriously singing about here.

Breathe Again‘ is a real eye-opener that needs more attention and thanks to Nickita and the support system around her, the call for change in birth laws need to be fixed up immediately. Midwives are here for a reason so that they support an expectant mother who is already under so much stress, no longer should be they be put in care of overworked staff in hospitals, who aren’t trained properly for this event that should be special.

This is such a true message, that you hope will be spoken about much more so that no more pain is caused again, through a splendid song made with so much love and understanding. A healthy birth should not require medical intervention, only a natural process that has been found to be safe and so practical. Common sense must prevail.

Stream this important cause on YouTube, support the campaign on GoFundMe and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen