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Watching them walk away: Alexander Broussard is quite breathtaking on ‘How Does It Feel’ (ft. Lana Wolf)

Taken off the latest eleven-track album ‘Now‘, Alexander Broussard returns with a deep piano-filled song that asks us ‘How Does It Feel‘ (ft. Lana Wolf).

The Netherlands-based indie-pop pianist and singer-songwriter, Billy Joel fan and former touring band member Alexander Broussard, is a truly gifted musician, who is back to his roots and is feeling so refreshed after this decision to do his solo music again. This is his first love and after three decades performing other artists music, he is on a mission to make as much quality original creations as possible.

This is the fascinating tale about caring so much for someone and how watching them walk away, really strikes your heart like a ice block, and makes you wonder if this is the right decision. Disconnecting from this once flourishing love is so sore on the soul as you see them waving at you in the distance.

With effortlessly luscious lyrics from her and his strong tone, these two make a lovely tender-wrapped team full of mystique and wonder on this almost-cinematic single- that will have you thinking about your previous relationships in life.

How Does It Feel‘ (ft. Lana Wolf) from the soulful Alexander Broussard is a true intimate sonic soundscape for the ages and brings back the classic feeling in your bones, which is so rare to hear these days.

With quality all of the place, this is a sensational single that might have you in tears or feeling quite reflective about past memories.

Stream this carefully crafted single on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Prepare for your soul to ascend with Zach Robinson’s ardently eclectic single “Change”

With Zach Robinson’s aural inspirations ranging from Rush to The Police to Red Hot Chilli Peppers to Billy Joel, you’ll get a serious hit of soulful nostalgia when you hit play on their standout single “Change” on their 2020 EP “Evolve”.

It kicks off with smooth seductive popping grooves before the Alt Rock elements start to dominate the soundscape and replace the funky ska rhythms with ardent licks of Rock which add an overwhelming amount of intensity to the track.

Change is a stunning release. The energy. The urgency. The passion. The talent. Each aspect combines to leave you feeling like your own soul has transcended when you get to the outro of this inherently stylistic mix.

You can check out Zach Robinson’s single out for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Annika Brown: Amanda Palmer Meets Steampunk (Only for The Brave)

Annika Brown’s Latest track Apocalypso is a theatrical spectacular. Nothing quite could prepare me for what was about to unfold over the next three minutes as I hit play on YouTube. It’s hard to pay attention to the actual sound of the track after watching the official music video in which she embraces Kate Bush style dramatics. I certainly won’t be forgetting what I’ve just heard in a long time.

Annika’s sound Is definitely an acquired taste, I’m not sure tracks such as Apocalypso will ever fair well in the mainstream, however she’s created an eclectic mix of sound which she imparts her Emily The Strange demeanour within. Even when she’s playing an acoustic guitar in the woods her unique charm is never dampened. . But that’s just part of it’s charm. Alternative music fans are in for a treat with this act. With operatic vocals, doom riddled melodies and classic piano backing track. There’s a hint of Victorian hysteria within her music, which she reincarnates through her Gothic Soprano vocals. The Same as can be heard with acts such as a Emilie Autumn and her signature Fantasy Rock styling.

Head on over to her website where you can keep up date with her musical ventures. Her latest album The Devils Story Book featuring Apocalypso is available to download or stream now!


Chamik Zhang releases romantic pop track ‘I Wish You Well’

When we think of romantic pop music of substance, even in the more commercial world, we generally think of the high-concept and artistic direction of Kate Bush and Tori Amos or the high volume commerciality of kitsch dinosaurs such as Elton John or Billy Joel (though The Stranger is an album that should be studied in music colleges the length and breadth of the country.) Well, with I Wish You Well, Chamik Zhang finds a middle way that combines integrity with appeal.

Chamik Zhang makes short work of blending Damien Rice minimalism with just the right amount of commercial melodicism. Heartstrings will be tugged, emotions unleashed, young women will swoon and the world will feel just that little bit more poetic. And when did the world ever not benefit from such happenings?