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Erick Diaz has launched his seduction-drenched house anthem, Into Me

You can practically taste the ecstasy in the air of the latest single, Into Me, from the artist, poet, author, and music philosopher Erick Diaz.

His definitively distinctive take on house anthems enabled the single released via NOS to unravel as a progressively steamy anthem of debauchery that any producer would be hard-pressed to assimilate. The massive sound resounds around the ingenuity written into every inexplicitly deft drop and build.

The harsh kicks, bass-swathed beats, and monolithic drops all become that little bit more salaciously transcendent through the reprising whispers that drench the dance hit with seduction. I’ve never written this in a music review before, but he’s a massive tease.

Into Me will hit the airwaves on May 26; hear it on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

UK producer, Audio Jacked has revealed another soulful floor-filler with Not Me That’s Broken, featuring Jessie Wagner

You only need to look at the title of Not Me That’s Broken to know Audio Jacked isn’t your average electronica grifter. By building his big room house track around emboldening substance and soul; he allowed emotion to drive the momentum just as much as the monolithic basslines and powerful breaks that rhythmically knock you off-kilter before the hooks pick you back up again.

Jessie Wagner had her work cut out for her keeping the progressive pace; between her vocal dynamism and the clear connection to the lyricism, she was arrestingly triumphant.

This may only be Daniel Puddick’s third release as Audio Jacked but the experienced UK musician and songwriter has been enriching the EDM scene since the 90s, and his finger is just as firmly on the big melody pulse as it ever was.

Not Me That’s Broken is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast