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‘Dream With Me’: Lesse is quite star-gazingly immense on this pure indie-electro pop ride to the sky

Dream With Me‘ from Lesse is the brand new track from a tremendous talent that thinks differently to most of us and this is much appreciated right now in the world.

This is all about embracing your fantasies and never letting anyone take over your dreams. With a voice that is so magnificent, you feel like you are travelling into a new world full of hope and love. The stylish singer Lesse never seems out of breath and his style of so classy and effortless it seems.

Many light years ago, between the stars in the brightest part of our galaxy….Signs of Lesse scattered throughout the universe- Lesse

With a soothing galaxy-like indie pop style that feels like you are swimming in the ocean with your special soul. Its just you two, staring at the stars and hand in hand. Lesse helps us dream again on ‘Dream With Me‘ and this young musician is only just getting started,

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

C Major 7: ‘Believe’ from singer Liel Bar-Z and Jeremy Gardner is a gem out the darkness

Taken off new EP ‘Surrender‘, this is the latest song from exciting LA duo C Major 7.

Working on a ridiculous amount of songs with a well-known producer based in Los Angeles, California, named Jeremy Gardner, is the stunningly sweet singer Liel Bar-Z . Their joint project is called C Major 7.

The rustling vinyl, the smooth vocals of this fine singer, these two make a quality team with a combined mindset right now. The plan is make beautiful music and this goal has been achieved greatly. Liel Bar-Z and Jeremy Gardner make a strong team with their soulful song, this is everything that we need during this sick time of mass carnage. Luckily, music like this heals.

C Major 7 strike an absolute gem here and ‘Believe‘ is that sad song that also contains true life stories. You are a bit naive to the world, you have some bumps and bruises- only to grow much stronger. This is a lovely ballad, full of love and knowing that you will learn from these crazy times.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen