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Lofi Hip-Hop quickfire love statement from Spectacle with ”Hey I Won’t Break Your Heart”

In life words count but actions speak much louder. Are you simply saying things to get what you want or are you doing this for a deeper meaning?

US rapper Spectacle is back with a new song and this is a statement release from the young emcee. He is very clear here and wants his lover to know that in no way will he break their heart. These are the only lyrics in the song so he can’t be anymore clear. The beat is new school and will be popular while cranked hard and loud in cars this summer while cruising with the homies especially with that trippy ending. ”Hey I Won’t Break Your Heart” bellows from the rooftops as he states exactly how he feels. I believe him.

Ellensburg, United States in the home for Zachary Paul Wilson aka Spectacle. He loves making music especially with those that are excited about the artwork as a whole. Expect more music from this passionate emcee who is just getting started in the rap game.

Click here to listen to this emotional statement of love from this up and coming Hip Hop artist right here on his growing Soundcloud page of artwork.

For videos of this artist head right through to his YouTube page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen