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Stuck At This Job: Salt Lake City-based blues rapper BC Roadz imagines counting all those ‘Stack$’

With his highly innovative style that is assuredly worth many a listen, BC Roadz drops his new track taken off his latest 6-track EP called ‘AD‘, with the money-counting ‘Stack$‘.

BC Roadz is a Salt Lake City, Utah-based indie self-described beatmaker/blues rapper who makes a sterling blend of compelling music that has you thinking about levitating your life upwards.

As he daydreams about this new life that he has set himself out to get while plodding through his dull job, BC Roadz discloses his wildest dreams on a beat-filled track that has your curious mind in absolute awe of the creativity on offer. There is much to commend about someone who is aspiring to be diverse and not just make the same sound like everyone else.

Stack$‘ from the highly-entertaining Salt Lake City, Utah-based beatmaker/blues rapper BC Roadz, is a dream-sharing single that is all about telling the world what you would do if you had enough money to do whatever you wanted. With an inventive style that is a ravishing mix of blues and hip-hop. Featuring a confident tone and eloquent vocals that seems to lift your own mood away from a lazy slumber, this is a top track that deserves acclaim for its exuberant inventiveness.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

soundslikeLANG has made an indulgently accordant debut with “Hold Tight”

Electronica artist and producer soundslikeLANG has made their 2020 debut with the chill-inducingly stunning single “Hold Tight”.

The past few months have been a bumpy ride for us all, Hold Tight offers a smooth tranquillity to sink into and soak up the stylistic soul which is authentic and sincere enough to fill your own. You practically owe it to yourself to hit play.

After you’re suitably entranced by the deftly reverb-laden instrumentals, the echoed vocals are fed into the indulgently accordant mix to feed us the mantra “Hold Tight” along with timely sparse drippings of vocal optimism.

You can check out soundslikeLANG’s debut and offer it a well-deserved spot on your playlists via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Quincy Valentine drops new track and music video for “Like You Do”

A native of the Bronx, New York, Quincy Valentine grew up with music influences left, right and centre, from his pianist mother to local rappers and the church.

He’s produced and played keyboard for local and major artists such as Mr Complex, and Scarface. Now, Valentine is here, unleashing his soulful take on RnB, a flashy, summery upbeat number with Valentine’s cool rapped vocal a mix of old school boom bap with a more flowing, lyrical style. All hooked up with duetted chorus vocals from Bronx stable-mate singer/songwriter/producer Winston Ward. ‘Like You Do’ is slick, sexy, and it grooves with some proper old-school sass.

You can check out Like You Do via YouTube.

Review by Alex Holmes

Slip into David Taylor’s transcendently light mix “hours”

Australian Electronica artist and producer David Taylor has recently released their distinctively sweet Lo-Fi Chill EP 050392. The perfect introduction to their catharsis-spilling sound is “hours”.

The hazily blissful track which comes with slight Chill Hop nuances may not easily squeeze into any constrained branch of Electronica, but it does ooze potent and organic good vibes. With the warm tones and the transcendently light textures, hours is an incredibly easy track to slip into and get pulled along by the seamless reverb-soaked progressions.

It’s not every day we can say the Electronica we hear serves up plenty of soul, but discernibly, David Taylor isn’t your average producer. After hearing their latest release, we’re stoked to hear where their sound which drips with commercial potential takes them next.

You can check out David Taylor’s EP 050392 for yourselves via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

JFK – Dropping some ‘Shroomz’

Pop one, pop two wi’d’a mushroom/girl you know that I can’t live without you” seems, at first glance, to be an unusual declaration of love but hey; it ain’t stupid if it works, right? And hell, it seems to be working for Florida’s JFK, judging by this chilled out slab of old-school trap.

Slightly trippy sounding, like its title, ‘Shroomz’ blooms and swells, a chiming background synth track over bass and stuttering snare beats, a psychedelic lullaby, insidious, worming its way into your head behind JFK’s rhymes. It’s catchy, poppy, and it properly hooks like the some laid-back T-Pain or Flo Rida; “Down a rabbit hole” indeed.

You can here JFK’s ‘M.Y.F.B.’ EP on Spotify.

Review by Alex Holmes

CMILL444 has moved the Hip Hop narrative away from glorified hedonism with “Drugs R Overrated!”

CMILL444 dropped their latest single “Drugs R Overrated!” on August 6th and perceptibly achieved their mission of moving the narrative in Hip Hop away from the glamorisation from drugs, sex and excess by pouring some feel-good grooves on the airwaves.

As Scroobius Pip once said “Guns, bitches and bling were never part of the four elements, and they never will be. CMILL444’s sweetly resolving single reaffirms that sentiment. We all know that happiness doesn’t come from anything with a price tag, it’s about time that Hip Hop reflected that fact.

The Indie Trap Pop hit doesn’t just leave you enamoured with the vibrant and accordantly light beats, but with life itself.

You can check out CMILL444’s latest single for yourselves by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Toks – Braving the Storm featuring FK Osha: Soulfully Inspiring RnB Hip Hop

Breaking Hip Hop artist Toks has recently released their second EP “5 Designs” featuring 5 stylishly sun-kissed hits which wouldn’t be out of place on your summer Hip Hop playlists.

The perfect introduction to their smooth and soulful sound is the standout single “Braving the Storm” featuring FK Osha. The radio-ready hit kicks off with a mesmerizingly teasing start. From out of the lush reverb, Toks high-vibe vocals kick in and project plenty of high-vibe energy into the soundscape.

Braving the Storm improves with every listen to thanks to the intellectual and inspiring lyricism which Toks weaved into the mix. Each time you hit play, you’ll connect to a different part of Toks’ uplifting introspection.

Given that we’ve all just been through a global pandemic together, I can imagine plenty of people will find resonance in Braving the Storm. The track just keeps on giving.

You can check out Toks’ EP 5 Designs for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Illegal NoiZe breathed euphoric new life into Kevin Hill’s iconic track Dreamin’ with their experimentally progressive remix

After being blown away by Illegal NoiZe’s original tracks, we were stoked to hear he had given Kevin Hill’s transfixing hit Dreamin’ the Illegal NoiZe remix treatment.

We’d become accustomed to hearing big bass-driven hits from Illegal NoiZe such as their unforgettably dark EDM Hip Hop tracks Keep It Trill & I Like to Daft. We weren’t prepared for their hazy sweet remix of Dreamin’. But we loved the dreamy ambient side of the producer’s talent as much as we dug his ominously arrestive tracks.

Not only were lashings of Euphoria added to the mix, but each progression in the artist’s playfully teasing rework will draw you deeper into the rhythmically hypnotic soundscape even though you’ll never find a complacent moment in the 5:56-minute duration.

In 2014, Illegal NoiZe (formerly DJZ) was wiped off the internet by Sony/UMG. Now he’s back carrying his supposed copyright criminality as an ingenious artist title. Help put his new name on the map, but his beats on blast.

You can check out Illegal NoiZe’s remix of Dreamin’ via Spotify. Make sure to also check out their original tracks.

Keep up to date with new releases via Facebook, Insta and Twitter.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Liven up your Indie RnB Hip Hop playlists with Yfk Flash’s single “Stay True feat” Troy Ave

If you’re looking to freshen up your Summer Hip Hop playlists, up and coming artist Yfk Flash’s debut single Stay True will make for a sunny melodic addition.

To create the rhythmically arrestive feat of Indie RnB Hip Hop, Yfk Flash teamed up with Troy Ave who lent their magnetic vocal cords and Larrysac who took care of the flawless radio-ready production. Stay True may deliver a simple message, but the short and sweet mid-tempo hit’s good vibes are all too infectious.

Naturally, we hope to hear plenty more from Yfk Flash in 2020. He’s not just an artist with perceptible commercial potential. He’s also extremely efficacious at creating feel-good connectable music.

You can check out Stay True for yourselves via Spotify, iTunes, Deezer and Apple Music through this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast