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Leave The Light On for the not so Forgotten Sons

In a pre-internet world being hemmed in by the rough waters of the North Sea in the isolated Shetland Isles might have meant that bands such as Forgotten Sons would have been exposed only to more traditional sounds and taken a very different path. The fact that their heavy riffing, rock urgency and muscular deliveries sound just as much the product of the other side of the Atlantic as they do from the wilds of their own highlands and island location says something of the connectivity of the world.

But even though they fit into the broad genre of alt-rock, they, like any band worth its salt, are also a unique end result of influences and references. You can hear the wild Celtic rock that pumps through their veins, the more anthemic stadium sound of various more recent New Jersey bands and the martial power of classic rock all being used to create their own signature sound. Forgotten Sons? These island rockers will prove to be anything but.