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Chicago’s Bugatti Johnson steams up our emotions on visuals for, ‘Heart Can’t Leave’

Warming up the night with a hot video that shows his love for someone who has taken the time to get to know this romantic soul, Bugatti Johnson knows that he needs to make that commitment so that life can be smoother and more passionate on, ‘Heart Can’t Leave‘.

Bugatti Johnson is a Chicago, USA-based indie Hip hop artist who makes a catchy blend of music that grasps your attention and gets the body moving to the groove.

Sending our imagination to a new world that has only peace, pianos and lots of kissing heating up the night, Bugatti Johnson returns with a stunning single that lovers can hold hands with and take away any anxiousness that has been clouding your perspective for too long.

Heart Can’t Leave‘ from Chicago, USA-based indie Hip hop artist Bugatti Johnson is a kind single that shows us that romance is definitely possible if you can find the right person to share your life with. With lyrics that are honest to the core, smooth vocals and soapy visuals to get your heart beating faster, this is a track to play late at night when you want to make a point.

Love can be easy to find if you can connect with someone who wants it as much as you do.

Check out this bath-filled music video on YouTube and see more of how his career goes on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Bath-based alternative act L.A. Funeral wonders if the care was ever there on ‘Undeniable’

Gracing us with a passionate single that might have you lighting those candles and taking time to reflect, L.A. Funeral return gloriously with a release that might find you shedding a small tear on ‘Undeniable‘.

Bath, UK-based music producer, expert composer and seriously skilled multi-instrumentalist Jamie Floyde has created L.A. Funeral, which is an alternative outfit that will shudder at your heartstrings.

Having been a part of the southwest Indie music scene for the last decade, L.A. Funeral is the debut solo venture of an artist nearly two decades into the making.” ~ L.A. Funeral

Closing the tired eyes and reigniting the passion deep within the awaiting veins, L.A. Funeral brings us a timeless single for anyone who has felt the air of disappointment that can take you under if you aren’t too careful. Intricate melodies, emotionally excellent vocals and lyrics that capture your imagination are on offer here, as we are let into a story that will have you contemplating everything you have ever felt before.

Undeniable‘ from the Bath, UK based alternative act L.A. Funeral, is one of those timeless tracks when you need some comfort after a break-up. The vocals are quite superb and the total ambience will put you into a nostalgic mood, with one of the deeper singles you will hear all year. Sometimes it’s okay to be sad so that you may regather your thoughts, to fly free like a healed bird again.

Listen in to this new single on Soundcloud and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Looking At You: Australian artist Scott O’Hara misses the normal days away from the ‘Zeroes and Ones’

With the lead single from his debut solo album ‘Clutter‘, Scott O’Hara wishes that the fun days could return of seeing your loved ones face to face, rather than on a lonely screen with ‘Zeroes and Ones‘.

Scott O’Hara is a talented multi-instrumentalist, guitarist for BathTub Orchestra and indie rock singer-songwriter based in Bath, UK and also Sydney, Australia.

As a Tasmanian teenager he developed a reputation as a great blues guitarist, which led to jamming with Son Terry and Brownie McGee. He cut his teeth in high school bands with members of Devils in Heaven before forming Evolution and The Funky Phantom. In the 90s he traveled the world playing guitar in the US with Tate & the Million Dollar Band in Chicago, home of the electric blues.” ~ Scott O’Hara

His vocals are gritty cool, with guitar playing of the very highest order that sizzles hungrily through your curious ears. He is the old school storyteller who has seen most things in this world from his travels, and plays with a sterling soul which takes you places you forgot existed. This is a singer who has a rare ability to lift you into a different world, as his quality shines through here with a terrific new single.

Zeroes and Ones‘ from the Australian/UK-based indie rock artist Scott O’Hara, is the real story of longing for normality to return. After being stuck inside for so long, he misses the human interaction as the video calls have grown tiresome, as he wishes there was a better way to connect. Sung with a real vigor and true experience, this is a reflective track that we can all relate to.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see his IG page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Can’t Have You: Splendid Bath producer Alvinos Zavlis tries to break free on ‘In My Dreams’

With a deep regret in his deep voice on an erupting beat of much attraction, Alvinos Zavlis reaches high for what he wants but can’t quite get there yet on ‘In My Dreams‘.

Alvinos Zavlis is a multi-talented Bath, England-based experimental electronic music producer. He vividly wets our awaiting lips with some scrumptious hip hop/dance beats for the body to soak up inside like a hot bubble bath, and also makes RnB tracks for other artists too.

His style is gritty and stylish — you feel the lathering of ambient energies transform the mind through his natural music– which seems to hug you and challenge you to be better, somehow all at the same time.

This is the meaningful message of wanting to be with them so bad, however the timing is off and you can’t quite be together right now. The frustration is so palpable and you are very annoyed, but hope that you will get another chance as they are all you ever think about.

In My Dreams‘ from the accomplished Bath, UK music producer Alvinos Zavlis, enticingly leads us into the mind of a conscious state that is looking for that real feeling again, after being disappointed by not being able to get what you desired. Life is a game after all — but sometimes — dreams do indeed become reality, if you want them to be.

Stream this fresh new track on Spotify and check out his IG music page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The solo journey is here: L.A. Funeral drops new single to further celebrate independence on ‘Louder Than Alive’

L.A. Funeral is here with a new project and he rides solo on the fantastic second single from his debut twelve-track album ‘Antumbra‘ called ‘Louder Than Alive‘, that finds us listening to an underground legend who puts his whole heart and soul into this.

Bath, England-based producer, composer and multi-skilled Jamie Floyde has been heavily involved in the South West, UK music scene for well over a decade, fronting various bands and entrenching his name as one of the best around.

After covid-19 wiped out all of his planned gigs, becoming a solo artist became a natural journey and the results prove this was the correct decision to make.

With his smooth voice and electric guitar on full form, this is the story about finding that fire inside you and how she weaves webs across your soul and how you feel alive again. She has lit a fuse in your body and you feel like you are brighter, happier and don’t want this feeling to ever go away.

Louder Than Alive‘ is the statement indie-rock single from Bath’s L.A. Funeral and he is in inspired form, with a song that shows his creative side, excellent guitarist skills and a voice that is gritty and raw with delight. Unshackled from band life, this is only the start of this new and exciting adventure that he has decided to embark on.

With a self-motivated attitude, realistic goals and plenty of heart, you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

Hear this top notch new single on his Soundcloud and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Bath Rockers Baby Shoes rip up the dance floor with ”Kamikaze”

Everyone That Could've Been by BabyShoes

Ah yes, this is the kind of rocking music we all need in our ears. I love it when bands aren’t conventional and really change it up. Bath’s Baby Shoes have just released their latest single so let’s turn this up loud and jump around in our lounges, waving at the neighbors at the same time. Who’s in?

Kamikaze” takes a little while to warm up and they tease the audience at the beginning. I imagine the drummer doing some stretches and getting himself in the zone first. You must always wait for the drummer right? This powerful single soon warms up, distortion over for now and it steps into 5th gear and smashes through the vulnerable speakers.

Taken off ”Everyone That Could’ve Been”, which is set for release on the 1st of June, this is an awesome single full of dripping sweat and head nodding, that is bound to cause a few unsuspecting neck injuries.

Bath’s Baby Shoes have released a passionate song here and ”Kamikaze” is all about just going for it, what do you have to lose anyway. The world is messed up, let’s just enjoy life and dance until we smell like an old man’s toes.

Stream more on the bands Bandcamp channel and rock your socks off to this excellent UK band.

Review by Llewelyn Screen

Dani Miché Proves Romance Isn’t Dead

If you love London Grammar; you’re going to want to check out Dani Miché’s new track off her brand new single Hold Your Head Up. Or #HYHU, for the Twitter happy.

Now I’ll be honest. When I first hit play on this track, the first impression I had was that I was going to be subjected to 4 and a half minutes of melancholic caterwauling. How wrong I was. The rest of the track is pure perfection. Every beat of the track is exactly where it needs to be to pull at your heart strings.

Dani is not your average British singer song writer, she boasts the rare talent of having true connections with love and passion to infuse into her music. If you’re a bit of a romantic, you’re bound to love her unique style.

The lyrics are skilfully haunting, and are intended to serve as an anthem for the hurting. It’s a song of pure uplifting empowerment, the solo artist proves that she’s not one for half-hearted tainted love songs as she captures the shattering experience of heart break. The powerful arrangement and harmony build ups throughout the track aren’t a force to be reckoned with. Through it’s cacophony of pulsation it’s a poignant reminder that your journey is far from over. It is the artists full intention to beguile listeners of her music by enticing them with melody and heavy and immersive instrumentation.

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