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A&R Factory Present: Bangers and Mash

British RnB artist Tyrone ‘16’ Mclean has announced the release of his new EP Bangers & Mash, featuring soul inspired artist Beverly on the EP’s lead single ‘Thought She Knew’. The track shifts from a down-tempo sensual serenity to hard-hitting truths behind Tyrone’s momentous vocals. There is an inner finality engulfed in Tyrone’s prolific talent, as he works his magic with a classic RnB sound, candidly inspired by the likes of Drake and Kendrick Lemar. We become trapped in Tyrone’s aesthetic supremacy, lost between an authentic blues jam and a contemporary RnB twist.

The dynamic of modern RnB is reversed into a melody of sensual soul music, following a heartfelt technique completely transforming what RnB is envisioned as in today’s 21st Century. Tyrone invites the listener into experiencing romance as a melancholy plight, and this is what devises the track to be so poignant. As the apprehensive drums pummel across the neat fitted rhythm, the collaboration of Tyrone and Beverley’s solicitous vocals enhances every conscious sensation of the track.

At only 21 years of age, Tyrone ‘16’ Mclean has already asserted himself as an artist to be taken seriously. His original sound has captivated many fans across the UK who has been waiting anxiously to hear Tyrone’s debut entry Bangers & Mash.

Words: Aly Mchugh