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Harness the Power of Bandcamp Campaigns

Bandcamp Campaigns

Even as we entered an economic recession, revenue continued to pour into artists with Bandcamp Campaigns pockets via Bandcamp in 2022. In the past year alone, Bandcamp users have spent $185 million on everything from digital albums to cassettes to limited edition vinyl to t-shirts.

In March 2020, Bandcamp launched Bandcamp Fridays to help artists earn more revenue from digital and physical sales by waiving their revenue share, typically 10 – 15% for downloads and 10% for physical merch and music.

27 Bandcamp Fridays have been and gone; in total, they have earned artists and their respective labels $95 million USD.

Bandcamp has created an invaluable aural ecosystem, for independent and established artists alike, due to its ability to provide direct revenue to artists and labels. Most payments for digital purchases are processed within 24 – 48 hours, and the funds will be paid directly into a PayPal account.

Another discernible advantage Bandcamp has over other mainstream music platforms, such as Spotify, is the pricing flexibility. With Spotify, you have no say in regard to how much you earn per stream. With Bandcamp, artists and labels can adjust the cost of their singles, EPs, albums and entire discographies to recoup the cost of writing and producing new music. Furthermore, the flexible pricing model also enables artists to adjust pricing based on the popularity and maturity of releases. But the perks certainly don’t end there:

Advantages of Bandcamp

  • Artists and labels can access direct income from the platform after a 10 – 15% cut is taken.
  • For music fans with cash to spare, they can pay over the base price for a digital or physical purchase.
  • Music fans can access and listen to music for life due to the download functionality.
  • Bandcamp is highly popular amongst radio hosts and DJs who want to purchase music legally and legitimately.
  • Unlimited streaming capacity on purchased releases.
  • Artists can create self-promo and discovery campaigns via the platform.

Disadvantages of Bandcamp

  • Bandcamp may be an artist and fan favourite, but in 2023, it is still far less popular than Apple Music and Spotify.
  • The user interface isn’t as intuitive, slick, and functional as other platforms.
  • The platform makes it hard for music fans to discover new artists and music with the lack of a playlisting feature.
  • Can be expensive for music fans if it is used as a primary music streaming platform.
  • Distribution is a little more complicated and time-consuming for artists.

Bandcamp Statistics

Every year, the criticisms around the unfairness of streaming royalties get louder; Bandcamp is one of the few music streaming sites which fairly compensates artists. It will take 1500 Spotify streams or 1200 Apple Music streams to equate to one £5 purchase made via Bandcamp. After the Bandcamp revenue share and payment fees, an average of 82% of every sale makes its way to artists or labels. For independent artists attempting to recoup their expenses, the revenues make the world of difference.

In 2022, Bandcamp facilitated the sales of 15.9 million digital LPs, 6.7 million singles, 2.3 million vinyl records, one million CDs, 500,000 t-shirts and 550,000 cassettes. So even if it does have a fraction of the community which makes its way over to Spotify and Apple Music daily, there is a thriving music community that is incredibly keen to support their favourite creators. For independent artists looking to grow their fanbase, there is just one problem: the increased competition.

How to Launch the Best Bandcamp Campaign in 2023

Bandcamp comes with a series of highly valuable features and promotional tools you can use to promote your music, including Bandcamp Live, Fan Subscriptions, and Automated Fan Notifications. You can also utilise Real-Time Analytics to look for improvement in your music promotion campaigns or use Bandcamp Pro to message fans using geographic targeting or stream to a private audience.

However, one of the best ways to promote your music on Bandcamp in 2023 is to release your music on Bandcamp one week before your music launches across all other streaming services. After you have launched your new release on Bandcamp, advertise the Bandcamp Campaign across your social media pages to give your staunch fans the opportunity to purchase your music on Bandcamp before it is available to stream on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal and YouTube. If you have the extra money in your promotional budget, you can also advertise your Bandcamp Campaign via sponsored posts on Facebook and Instagram.

If you have a loyal fanbase, you can also follow in the footsteps of the Welsh singer-songwriter and instrumentalist, The Anchoress, who has recently used Bandcamp Fridays as an opportunity to release singles on Bandcamp to give her fans the chance to snag ultra-limited-edition singles. Most recently, she released her ethereal reworking of Joy Division’s Love Will Tear Us Apart. It was made available for one weekend only for a minimal cost of £2, and hundreds of her fans took the ethereal synth bait. Myself included.

May be an image of 1 person and text that says "Last chance to download THE LOVE ANCORESS WILL"

If you have a demo going spare and want to test your fans’ loyalty, a time-limited Bandcamp campaign can see just how dedicated your fanbase is.

For more advice or information on how to promote independent music, contact our award-winning artist and development team, which can put you on track to score more fans, listeners and exposure.

Our cost-effective consultancy service has trained and developed hundreds of artists looking to establish their brand and make an everlasting impact in an oversaturated industry.


Article by Amelia Vandergast

Meeting aliens on the way home: ‘Close Encounter On The Road To Solva’ from Spurious Transients is a psychedelic tale of a strange meeting

Something Strange Came Out Of The Skies by Spurious Transients

The humming beat makes the hairs on your back stand up to attention, your neck shivers as you feel rather anxious all of a sudden. The sounds of mystery morphs into your body, and your heart starts to beat so much faster. ‘Close Encounter On The Road To Solva‘ from the earth-defying South West Wales Electronic-Psychedelia band Spurious Transients, is a new song that isn’t from our planet.

The eerily expressive vocals tell the story so vividly, the poetic style sticks in your mind as you wonder if you have also seen strangeness like this before. The words bite hard like a hungry lion, you are soon transported into this strange world, that is usually only in Hollywood movies. The details are so precise, drawing you in like a good story-teller does.

You get lost in the dark woods, the rustle in the song is constant as the harrowing beat gets you into a paranoid mood. Your heart is a bit scared and you peer outside the window quietly, just to make sure you are safe right now. The Welsh accent you hear shows the fear of this moment, and the details are so fascinating to hear, as you listen along to see how the story unfolds.

This strange occurrence is quite freaky at times as your breaths are short, this story too real to do anything else, Spurious Transients bring their original sound that is like none other on ‘Close Encounter On The Road To Solva‘. This is a ride that will get your heart beating extra fast, and is so uniquely genius.

Hear this mysterious story on their Bandcamp.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Music to get weird with: Bahbiss Cobb drops mysteriously exciting ‘Feeling Loopy’

Moonpie and Yum Yum by Bahbiss Cobb

With a fascinating start with many layers in intrinsic electronic sounds to wet the thirsty pallet, the gorgeous groove is soon woven into your tired brain and you enthusiastically gaze, and wonder out loud what this is all about. You like the vibe and close your eyes, forgetting all worries for a few minutes. Michigan’s Bahbiss Cobb are back with an EDM single to help us alleviate current life stress on ‘Feeling Loopy‘.

Bahbiss Cobb is the electronic music project of Eric Curry, and this style was made by mistake which makes it even better to listen to. Sometimes you greatest mistakes turn into your greatest wins, life is strange like that sometimes.

The thudding bass bellows through into your earlobes like a sudden thunderbolt as you get into the galaxy-gazing melody of this mysterious wonderland of a fantastically flavored juicy song. The concept is quite awe-inspiring as you get lost in the wormhole that has been created for us to enjoy with friends- who appreciate electronic sounds of splendor.

Feeling Loopy‘ is that song to get a bit weird to, to explore the mind and stare at the stars to and dance all night with. Alongside good friends, speakers alert and ready for the incredible busty beat that traps you in and won’t let go. Michigan’s Bahbiss Cobb found this style while making other types of music and for that, we are truly blessed. Music is all about creating your own lane, not following anyone else’s.

Turn off your worries via this song on Bandcamp and find out more about this electric act on Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Trying to stay sane in 2020: California’s Natasha Pocket puts feelings into words on ‘Therapy Session (West Mix)’

A groovy and honest guitar-filled sound emanates from the speakers, as we are introduced to a sharp start with so much promise. California’s Natasha Pocket shows the growing frustration with this horrible year on the guitar-filled new single called ‘Therapy Session (West Mix)‘.

Encinitas, California based and full of real feelings that is all about this wild year. This is all about needing to express your feelings and getting to the bottom of that worrying slump that you want to get out of as soon as possible. A year that has made overthinking so much more prominent- due to all the time stuck inside.

With a flourishing Indie-Rock feel with a Lo-Fi base, there are so many lusty layers of solo’s here to keep us all happy. The vocal are quite sad and worrying as the year has taken its toll and some therapy is needed to work out what to do next.

Natasha Pocket’s Therapy Session (West Mix)‘ is a song that is so relevant in modern day times and the carefully curated message puts a thoughtful spin on everything before us. The world is really smokey right now so we all need someone to talk to, as bottling those feelings up only causes more heartbreak.

Hear ‘Therapy Session (West Mix)’ here on YouTube and support this artist here on their Bandcamp.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Northern California rockers Furlough Fridays open up the airwaves to quality music with ‘Quantum Leap’

TGIFF by Furlough Fridays

Northern California rockers Furlough Fridays open up the airwaves to quality music with ‘Quantum Leap‘, This is the type of song that you have been missing in your playlist and impresses on all fronts.

Known as the go-to alternative grunge rock group in their local area, this 4 piece are certainly a great listen. Some bands catch your attention right away and some don’t. After taking a break for 3 years in 2015 to re-energize, you feel the extra bit of motivation here and this hunger makes you like them even more, if that is even possible.

With a really raw sound, the biting bass line beasts through the creaking door and you feel the wave of life’s frustration gushing through like a powerful set of waves that drowns you for a few seconds. You feel the pain here and the cry for help, the world is so harsh right now and so many of us are sinking in the mucky mud of 2020. We are all gasping for that fresh air again as we wonder if this is all just a really bad dream.

Quantum Leap‘ from Furlough Fridays is a powerful rock song, full of strong vocals and guitar riffs that are highly impressive. This is a band that are showing their true sound, there is zero doubt that we are listening to a quality outfit here that knows who they are. This is a song to truly appreciate and to admire the haunting honesty.

Click here for the Bandcamp link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

‘Slop’ from Australian band Horse Meat! is so authentic and deserves a listen

Horse Meat by Horse Meat!

Slop‘ from Horse Meat! is the self-confessed ugliest parts of new wave electro and the most fetching parts of post-punk, all combined to make the most intriguing effort of 2020 so far.

Melbourne, Australia must be proud of an act like this, they grab you so close and toy with you almost. This is about gaining respect, the air needs to change and the world needs to be so much kinder.

With the vivacious vocals written and performed by the outstanding Annie Fox, this is a whirlwind of a song that leaves you wanting more. Produced in the spare bedroom at Gooch St, the blends the cruelness of humanity and the beauty at the same time. An acclaimed feat indeed as so many issues face our world.

Slop‘ from Horse Meat! is a call for us to be better, do things with a meaning and be happy. The solos are so electric, the energy is striking, the beat keeps you in the loop always. The glassy sound is so different and you realize that this is an experience. Life is so vivid and this is an experience. A rare one of such genuine music in a toxic world with acid re-flux.

Click here for the Bandcamp link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Pulse Park rock the airwaves with the awesome ‘Apollonian Heart’

Pulse Park by Pulse Park

Psychoacoustic Noise-Pop band Pulse Park rock in with this fantastic new single called ‘Apollonian Heart‘.

The four men first met some time ago on an arctic expedition in Qikiqtaaluk/Canada and started learning their instruments during the long polar nights. These were ukuleles that they had traded dry fruits for at the Inuit. After introducing a breeding program for bowhead whales the band decided to sing about this experience. Songs about the cold, the dark, cod-liver oil and dinky arctic hares.

With an enthusiastic start, the scene is set on what is to come here from this fab band. The vocals are a bit hard to hear at first but perhaps that is the point here. The band want you to listen closely, take the sound in and feel the vibrations. I like how the bass line roars like a hungry lion cub, bursting for an adventure and probably food too.

Pulse Park warn us about daily consumption here and how its damaging the world. This is a fine song from this excellent band who’s music is easy to get lost in.

Click here for the Bandcamp link.

Head through to the Facebook page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Michigan’s Josh Garvelink releases self-reflective indie-folk ”Boy Scout”

Boy Scout by Josh Garvelink

Josh Garvelink is an indie-folk singer songwriter from Grand Rapids, Michigan. He is inspired by the acoustic styles of Nick Drake and Joni Mitchell and the songwriting of Bruce Springsteen, Sufjan Stevens and more. Josh writes songs that combine the personal with storytelling, touching on spirituality, working class life, the big picture in the world and the small alike.

Boy Scout” is the latest release from this journeyman singer with much to offer the world. He sings with real pain and his honest stories resonate through the experience. Josh sings with regret of not learning how to be a sailor or boy scout. He perhaps wishes that he had that knowledge that all schoolchildren should learn.

This is a very soothing indie-pop song from the Michigan singer-songwriter who is in sterling form here on ”Boy Scout”. A deep track with lots of tailored stories that dig at our heart-strings. This young artist is slowly rising up and is a pleasure to listen to such well-crafted music.

Stream this new track via Bandcamp.

Get the gig info on Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

”Livewire” by Redgrave Jones is a Trip-Hop jazzy journey for the ages

Luckiest Girl In The World by Redgrave Jones

You have always has a feeling that you are a bit of a trouble maker and can be temperamental. You are always straight to the point and people respect that. Being a live-wire can be tough and people expect you to be the life of the party. You are worthwhile and have a heart of gold.

Los Angeles in California is the home of the sultry-voice goddess of a musician, Redgrave Jones. I’m blown away on my chair listening to this single. I wish I could see her live with the band. Her voice transfixes me and I feel like she controls my every move while listening. Redgrave’s style is diverse and you can see that she is inspired by different genres.

Livewire” is taken from her ”Luckiest Girl In The World” EP from 2017. This is an incredible song with loads of trip-hop jazzy soul laced with a beautifully stunning bluesy bow-tie full of goodness. A dazzling effort here and I am excited to hear more from Redgrave Jones as she is such a tantalizing talent.

Stream this incredible track via Bandcamp right now.

Find out more about this LA artist on her Facebook page.

Review by Llewelyn Screen

Julian Wild calms the world down and reminds us that ”Life’s Too Good to Waste”

The Brightroom Sessions, Vol. II by Julian Wild

Julian Wild is a soulful indie singer-songwriter from Washington, DC in the USA. I am so inspired by his music and am in such an thoughtful mood while writing this article about his new song. Julian’s voice is so pure and the guitar skills are absolutely magnificent. This is kind of music that is so rare these days.

Life’s Too Good To Waste” is taken from The Brightroom Sessions, Vol. II, released on the 1st May 2020. I feel like I’m sitting on a comfy beanbag at an intimate music festival listening to Julian. His voice is so authentic and his music so chilled with a raspy tone that sticks in your head. This song is all about being grateful and optimistic about life no matter what is going on.

Julian Wild sings about peace and love. This is the kind of music that is needed right now in a world full of hatred and division. He is the kind of musician that our youngsters need to hear so they know that there in a light at the end of the tumultuous tunnel.

To hear this very soothing song that I recommend for yoga and/or meditation go through to Bandcamp.

Review by Llewelyn Screen