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Go Home Wasted: Manchester band MYOTO keeps the fun going all night with ‘Two Step Sally’

Following a lip-licking and hangover-fueled drinking of thirstily consumed Baltika lagers together on team bonding night at Wetherspoons, MYOTO rev up our intriged senses with their delightfully portrayed new single called ‘Two Step Sally‘.

MYOTO is a ruggedly exciting four-piece alt-pop act from the legendary city of Manchester, UK. They make that movie-like soundscape that has you grabbing your new lover close, and locking lips for as long as possible.

Forming a band right before a national lockdown might not have been the best of starts. But, for Myoto it was a fruitful period.” ~ MYOTO

The guzzling vibes are fully in tune with the theme of the night as the energetic energies combine to see if this could be an extra late night evening, with someone who totally gets what you are about. Made with a heightened sense of party vibes and a thriving tone, you feel like this is a track you won’t easily forget.

Two Step Sally‘ from the thrilling Manchester, UK-based alt-pop band MYOTO, is a powered up single that shows much potential with mysterious vocals – that you need to turn up on full to catch the whole story – with marvelous melodies to have you feeling so much better than before. This is the type of song to put on when you have just arrived home from the pub, and feel the urge to keep the night going as long as possible.

Hear this fine new effort on Spotify and check out their IG for more exciting stories about their much-anticipated progress.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen