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Axel Releases New R&B Track “Chatroulette”

Axel is an upcoming R&B and soul artist with a touch of hip-hop in his sound that creates an intriguing blend of sonorities. But this is not all that Axel has to offer. In his latest song “Chatroulette,” which is taken from his brand new album “Empire,” he creates a laid back chill atmosphere with gentle and flowing melodic lines in combination with a cool beat and some interesting rhythmic variations in the vocal part as well.

All the songs in the album have personal meanings and are derived from stories that actually happened. This does not only make the music a reflection of the artist himself but also provides a more natural and personal feel as well. “Chatroulette” is no exception for this and with a catchy melodic chorus, melismatic R&B adlibs and a a smooth vocal tone the message is clearly portrayed through the music. The chill laid back beat provides an even more intimate feel to the music and the catchy chorus also adds to its cool character while also expressing the beginning of a millennial romantic story through a set of memorable lyrics. Axel is aiming for the top and his music is definitely a great reflection of this great attitude and dedication! Check it out!

-Sarah Marie Bugeja