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‘’Late Departure’’ from London’s ‘Auxiliary Jack’ is music made for flying in the sky

If I could fly, I would want this music to be in my ears while cruising up in those high rising clouds. London’s ‘Auxiliary Jack’ has made an absolute gem here. 

I feel so relaxed right now, taking a big stretch and clicking the stiff back into its desired location. This is a future house groove with an old school jazzy house feel and I like it. There is no pretentiousness on the song, all of the beautiful sounds and background effects are perfectly meshed together. Call  it Skydive House I say.

The drums coming in during tha back 9 of the song is very welcome, the ambience flows like a happy festival goer after lockdown has ended. London’s ‘Auxiliary Jack’ has quietly snuck up to 2020, tapped her on the left shoulder and just ran to the opposite side to sneak in.

This is pure House music for the ages and it’s soul replenishing good for the battered heart. 

Listen up for more releases from this underrated UK House producer with an awesome name. 

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen