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Audrey Scout turns visceral emotion into ethereally hazy vibes in her indie single Sunday.

SoCal-born and raised artist, Audrey Scout, is here with her recently released single, Sunday. It’s the perfect introduction to the indie singer-songwriter’s indulgent ability to turn visceral emotion into ethereally smooth soundscapes.

Any fans of Tom Odell, Daughter, and Phoebe Bridgers will find themselves equally as enamoured by the quiescence in this stunningly poised release that lets the emotion flow as though the Hoover Dam has just burst. Audrey Scout may still be finding her feet in the industry but on the basis of her stellar songwriting skills, ability to spin a soul-wrenching bitter-sweet melody and create a captivating atmosphere with her vocal timbre alone, she’s definitely one to watch. We can’t wait to hear what follows.

Sunday is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

People Come And Go: Southern California’s Audrey Scout drops break-up fueled debut single ‘That’s Embarrassing’

Taking theme inspirations from the 70’s after a recent breakup that shocked her system, Audrey Scout realized her true self-worth on a reflective single which has you admiring her promising debut named ‘That’s Embarrassing‘.

Audrey Scout is a nineteen-years-young multi-skilled indie country/pop/folk singer-songwriter from Santa Clarita in Southern California. This high achiever is a high school’s talent show winner, current college student and pianist who sings with an old soul mentality, who has a pure vocal ability from the top drawer.

Along with the petty lyrics, it is perfect for singing at the top of your lungs and jamming out to with your friends down the freeway.” ~ Audrey Scout

People will come and into your life suddenly and attempt to fleece you of your treasured innocence so they can greedily add it to their fake chain of misdeeds – when actually all they are doing is building up that karma – which will strike them where it hurts when the time is right. This is the message of moving past all the past doubts and believing in your path, as you learn how to be wiser but to never lose what makes you special.

With sweetly textured vocals that feels honey-dipped and made with that rare love – you feel warm inside your thoughtful body and almost relieved that she has made this track – to set herself free and break away from the plastic waste that could of held onto her forever.

That’s Embarrassing‘ from the sparkling Southern California-based indie-country/pop/folk singer-songwriter, painter and keen hiker Audrey Scout, is the story of taking some time out to ponder what happened after a rough breakup. You have processed things and realized that you weren’t at fault and will learn from being played by a selfish person, who will have to answer for their mistake, not you.

Sung with a real sense of a purpose from a wildly talented artist with a real future, this is an underground gem we need to show love to right now.

Hear this highly promising single on Spotify and see more new about this wonderful talent on her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen