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Highs and lows: Atul sings passionately about wanting to hold her close on ‘Love is Not My Cup of Tea’

Singing with a confident edge, Atul brings us the true story of people that can’t find love in this mysteriously complex world, full of trials and tribulations on ‘Not My Cup of Tea‘.

Atul is a vibrant Indian-born, Los Angeles-based indie-pop/dance singer-songwriter, who makes that entertaining music about romantic moments and life in the USA.

His sings with such self-belief that he wants to be friends and take it up a notch or two, but isn’t ready to commit with fully-fledged love right now. Perhaps that will come later down the line, but for now he is happy where he is and just wants to make genuine friends, who like him for who he is.

The vocals are exciting and lyrics catchy, the message is vividly clear as they try and pull you in closer. His way with words leaves you in no doubt of his intentions, as the mist of the day wears off, everything is much easier to see now. This is a man who is only focusing on his music, as he knows that serious relationships will come later down the line.

Not My Cup of Tea’ from the fast-rising talent of Indian/USA singer Atul, is a true story made for a movie, that shows his attitude toward love right now, as his heart still heals from past relationships, a man that is still finding his way to open up again and be happy with the right person.

Waiting for true love rather than being with someone you shouldn’t, is the sign of a wise soul after all.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen