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Atlasmusic shows us his lyrical acumen once again on Only Human

Returning into our mindsets with his new 8-track album Only Human, Atlasmusic knows where he stands but is ready for help when the genuine souls are ready.

Atlasmusic is a Virginia Beach, Virginia-based indie hip hop artist, music producer and sound engineer who is also the founder of Atlas Music Productions.

With particular highlights, such as Helping Hand, Nobody Cares (feat. Promise), and the money-hunting single to treasure Chasing Paper, Atlasmusic tells us authentic stories that only those who have properly lived can actually tell eloquently. Busting with bulging honesty, top-notch flows and masterful lyrics, this is a welcome release from a thoughtful creative who has realized what truly matters in life.

Only Human from Virginia Beach, Virginia-based indie hip hop artist Atlasmusic is a hugely enjoyable 8-track ear-warmer from a true storyteller. He offers us lessons about that paycheck-to-paycheck life that can certainly stress you out. Showing us he wants so much more, this is a purposeful release from a hugely talented street poet.

Washing away the pain and breathing in only good vibes, this is a message for all of us who feel like throwing in the towel sometimes.

Listen up on Spotify and see more via his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen