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Cleveland born singer Corry Michaels pulls on our heartstrings with ”Bridges”

You want to be with that special one in your life. You are so in love but you feel like it is so far away right now. Trying hard to get over them is so tough and you don’t know what to do. You build bridges to try and get as far away from them but you are still in love.

Corry Michaels is here with his new single and this guy can really sing. His huge voice is on full display with the powerful pop ballad ”Bridges”. This song is all about building that barrier from heartbreak and he sings with such passion. The US singer has a strong voice and impresses highly here.

Formally known as Phoenix Ashes, Corry is a future International star with widespread appeal for all ages. Lots of tissues and hugs are going to needed while playing his music as it is so real.

Bridges” is an impressive single as the vocals are spectacular and the lyrics strike a chord. A lot of us have gone through this feeling before and can relate to the pain. We await more quality songs from the soulful Corry Michaels.

Click on Corry’s Spotify channel to hear this new song and more excellent music.

Review by Llewelyn Screen