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As I Look Around

Skinny G Radio lingers on the precipice of chaos in his augmented alt-pop power ballad, As I Look Around

Skinny G Radio’s latest single, As I Look Around, is an audacious expression of alt-pop artistry that captures Geoffrey Lussier at his most uninhibited. As a Connecticut native with a diverse musical pedigree, influenced by the likes of Billy Joel and John Mayer and seasoned through an apprenticeship in Los Angeles, Lussier’s craft as Skinny G Radio fuses insightful songwriting with an eclectic production style reminiscent of Mark Ronson and Jon Bellion.

As I Look Around is a rock-licked, electronica-augmented piano pop power ballad that dances on the edge of chaos and control. This track encapsulates the turbulence of its themes—insanity and the loss of control—in a way that resonates deeply in our unpredictable era. Yet, it’s the song’s masterful balance of explosive energy and restraint that defines its character. With dynamic shifts that travel from the guitar-driven grit of 70s rock through the polyphonic glow of 80s pop, to the ornate orchestral layers, the song creates a rich, ever-evolving soundscape.

This single not only highlights Lussier’s ability to channel broad musical influences into a seamlessly alchemic sound but also his skill in creating a palpable connection through layered, complex compositions. As I Look Around is a compelling herald for his upcoming album, promising more explorative leaps into the potent emotions and reflections of contemporary life. It’s an invitation to experience the maddening times with a sense of infectious zeal and an anthem for those drawn to the artful edge of alt-pop innovation.

As I Look Around was officially released on April 16th; stream the single on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast