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Arlo Boe – Eclipsed: One small step for pop, one giant leap for the airwaves.

The Australian up-and-coming pop sensation, Arlo Boe didn’t just go lyrically interstellar with her latest single, Eclipsed. The stratospheric energy resounds just as much through the catchy, spacey 80s synth pop textures, modernised by Boe’s unique futuristic pop vision.

Beyond the spacey intonations, Eclipsed is dedicated to the people who don’t fall into the category of marriage material but are dynamite between the sheets. A bold concept, but with Arlo Boe’s signature cinematic yet casually cool style, it is impossible not to get hooked on the synthy grooves and her vocal dynamism, which asserts her authenticity on the airwaves.

Eclipsed will officially release on August 12th; hear it on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Australia’s Arlo Boe returns with her endearingly enchanting 2nd single ‘Lovers On The Run’

Returning after her exquisite and well-received debut single ‘80s Movie’, Arlo Boe is at her enticing best with her new release that will have you feeling so enthralled all over your body with ‘Lovers On The Run‘.

Arlo Boe is a South Australia-born indie alt-RnB/pop solo singer-songwriter who has the kind of sensual vocal ability that might give you mind-blowing shivers.

With a reimagined story of the great Romeo and Juliet, Arlo Boe is quite spectacular with a striking song about being on the run with your lover, as she drives us deep inside this exciting cinematic marvel. With twists and turns abound, we are taken in by this remarkable storyteller, as this is a specially created soundtrack that is truly remarkable from all angles imaginable.

Lovers On The Run‘ from Australia-born indie alt-RnB/pop solo singer-songwriter Arlo Boe is a superb effort from an artist who wants to avoid being a meaningless TikTok fad. Her music feels timeless and classic, each note pure, and you can feel that this is a single that has taken time to mature like fine wine.

Seducing us into this captivating effort with her splendidly alluring ways, you will find yourself compelled to listen repeatedly to this outstanding musician who is only just getting started.

Listen up to this lovely release on Spotify and see more via her growing IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen