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Ari Releases Icelandic Electronic Indie-pop Track ‘Spor’

Spor is proof that you don’t necessarily have to understand lyrics to appreciate how great they sound. As a singer working in his native Icelandic, obviously those who will understand the lyrical content will make up only a fraction of the music market place Ari finds himself in but right from the first bar of Spor you realise that this doesn’t matter. The vocal delivery is so smooth, so ethereal, so polished and perfect for the music it sits alongside, once you think of it as another part of the instrumental make up of the song, you won’t even notice the language barrier and there really is no such thing as a music barrier.

The result is a sumptuous, widescreen, electronic indie-pop; it is cinematic and forward thinking, deftly produced and both futuristic and otherworldly. There is probably something of the geography of his homeland infused in the music and it isn’t that hard to notice an almost subliminal description of that lands wide skies and dramatic vistas etched into the music’s glorious soundscaping.