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You Ain’t Really Like Me: Florida rapper Aries Kyss moves on after the ‘Sucker4love’

As he tries to move on after having his heart broken into unfathomable pieces which might be lost in the lonely dumpster forever, Aries Kyss shows us how he truly feels on the quick-fire new rose-breaker called ‘Sucker4love(prod. johnnyfriend).

Aries Kyss is a rapper and songwriter from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He makes that real music that is about life and love, in this crazy and totally unpredictable world.

He sings with such zest and raps with an emotional wrapping paper soaked into the fibers of his bones — performing in such a flamboyant style that has you completely immersed into his music — like when you are swimming in a fascinating pool and just don’t want to get out.

This is the honest message of being careful who you love, as things can turn toxic if you give too much away too soon and they then know where the keys to your heart are and will drive you around like they wish, until you crash and burn.

Sucker4love‘ (prod. johnnyfriend) from Fort Lauderdale, Florida rapper/singer Aries Kyss, is that honest story about love that didn’t quite work out this time as the core of the trust seemed to break down rather suddenly. She already had a plan B and that hurts you badly — as you take some time out to fully comprehend the moves that happened — so that you may learn from this and never (ever) let it happen again.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen