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Aricka J addresses toxic immaturity in her latest pop track, ‘Man Up’

Boston-born pop singer-songwriter Aricka J pushed the feminist movement forward with her latest release, ‘Man Up’, which addresses the toxic immaturity that every woman, at some point, has probably endured in their lives.

Whether you want to vent about a man reaching out with entitlement and expecting you to save them or a partner dragging you down with them in a relationship, Man Up is an empowering track that reminds the listener that there is no virtue in tolerance, and you have full permission to walk away from what no longer serves you. The upbeat pop track, which is accented by afrobeat elements, is powerful enough to put toxic relationships to bed; for good.

You can check out Man Up for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast