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Ariana Rodriguez

Gangster of the Galaxy feat Ariana Rodriguez beguile with their stormer of an electronic alt-rock track, Take Me.

Ariana Rodriguez is on a mission to bring emotion back to music; in her collaboration with Gangster of the Galaxy, the Floridian singer discernibly succeeded; the dark undertones in Take Me create the perfect contrast against the innocence in her light, evocative vocal timbre.

While Ariana Rodriguez’ vocals rest between Portishead and Evanescence, Gangster of the Galaxy brings urban alchemy into the mix over the progressive dark beats which start with bass-dripping discord before twisting into a feat of alt-rock, not all too far from Linkin Park’s sonic palette.

For any dark trip-hop fans, Take Me will feel like home from the first hit.

The radio edit of Take Me is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast