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Just Like You: Ari Voxx wonders why they wouldn’t accept her on the beautiful ‘Brown Eyes’

Taken off her new 4-track EP called ‘Letters to Myself‘ that includes relevant topics all about self-identity, depression, growing up, letting go and holding on, Ari Voxx is at her most complete self with the reflective 2nd single ‘Brown Eyes‘.

Previously known for her lusciously beautiful jazz and enchanting neo-soul vocals, Ariana Harbin aka Ari Voxx is a jazzy dream-pop solo artist who bases herself in DC, USA.

I know this song is long, and it doesn’t have the catchiest hook, but it’s the song I’m most proud of, and genuinely represents me as an artist.” ~ Ari Voxx

Performed with a dazzling array of authentic compositions that is entirely her, Ari Voxx shows us her wonderful skillset here with a track that shows us exactly who she is. After feeling like she was caught in two race-oriented worlds for too long, perhaps this is the mental breakthrough that brings her into a happier world where she is at ease no matter who is around.

Brown Eyes‘ from the DC-based indie dream-pop solo artist Ari Voxx, shows us an honest flashback to her life growing up as she tried to fit in. This is a brave young woman who just wants to be loved and feels the pain of what happened before, as she sings with such an exquisite manner that is so classy. No matter who brushed her aside due to the colour of her skin or how she acted due to her influences, this shows the bravery of someone that refuses to be put into any box. This is the sign of a true artist who makes that nostalgic kind of music that needs to be admired by anyone who has had struggles in life.

Hear this important new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen