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ArchAngel MikaEl releases Fate of The Furious

ArchAngel MikaEl has dropped his latest single ‘Fate of the Furious’ a mixture of Soul and the catchy essence of Hip-Hop.

Starting off with a few seconds of talking, then going into the deep funky vocals as the beat begins to seeps through in a rather jazz style, bringing in that upbeat sound. It’s more on the fast pace side, tending to get slower as the voice begins to lower.

Keeping that infectious and energetic melody flowing through as the beat pulses out through the vocals, them tending to stay fairly flat and falling behind the instrumentation. Creating a steady flow between the rhythm and the vocals.

Towards the end, the voice tends to stretch out and get high-pitched and has that slight break in the vocals as it ends on a light humming.

Head on over to YouTube now to listen to ArchAngel MikaEl’s single Fate of The Furious.

Review by Karley Myall